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Glass creations by Paul N Doty See link below for availability
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Where oh where did all my followers go? You guys and gals are surely missed. The algorithm continues to make our reach even harder. It really sucks that they don't just let you follow those you wish to and see their content instead of picking for us what we want to see. We already picked what we ...
A garden of hearts can now be found on our Big Cartel site. #GardenOfHearts #GardenOfLove #Flowers #Hearts #ILoveFlowers #FlowerLover #MyHeartBloomsForYou
Tonight's #MyHeartBloomsForYou pendant.drop is a go!You can find more details by following the link provided on our profile. Thanks so much for your support.
Roses are red and hearts are too.
An XL Molten Aura tie dye heart pendant that is currently available on our Big Cartel.
My newest My Heart Blooms For You pendant.
A few of the Molten Aura hearts left remaining from Monday night's drop. We have a special for 20% off when you purchase two or more hearts. For more details check out the link provided on our profile.
I just dropped a colorful array of anatomical heart pendants crafted from Molten Aura colors to our site. See link on profile for more information and thanks for your support.
Do you have a favorite?An array of My Heart Blooms For You anatomical heart pendants with a flower implosion inside. All of the flower implosions are crafted from Molten Aura colors. I will be posting these to the site on Monday but if interested hit me up via dm for more details. Thanks dor look...
A new one just finished with a flower implosion inside. #MyHeartBloomsForYou #HeartBlossom #ILoveFlowers #FlowerLove #Flower #FlowerImplosion. #HeartOfGlass
An XL Molten Aura wigwag heart.
What do you think about this new style of heart? Was going for a tie dye effect. Crafted with clear glass and the @moltenaura colors Royal Jelly, Telemagenta, Neptune, Plantphibian and Moonstone.