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Hello! I’m trans and I create stuff.
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I am an expressionist
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Host of The High Republic Show on starwars com Bob on dimension20show Bearah The Prophetess on CriticalRole
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with my 2 favorite creatures on the planet (but which planet, I shant say )
see you today, - looking forward to chatting
shout out to an incredible artist, person + friend - new @mitskileaks show is next level: you must go. go, you must. that is all.
#tdov - transparently, initially wasnt going to post this bc I felt self-critical about how certain parts of my body appear .. I think its important to challenge our ingrained notions about such things, to be authentic and allow oneself to be seen if you want to find your people (in both a litera...
out today, featuring a short instrumental by myself and @summercannibals - thanks for including us in your vision @sjgfilms
Hi new by @montsho - more soon
This Thurs catch me doing impr*v com*dy on television w my dude @matthewlillard & new besties @ifynwadiwe @krystinaarielle @kelencoleman you can @watchdndadventures live on @amazonfreevee & & older episodes will be available VOD on plex .. Cant remember what character choices I made, exc...
Stormy premiere was wild - you gotta see this one, march 18 on @peacock
Too many photos of my face - some tangerines from the garden
happy vday to ONLY my lover and her other lover (jk, to you too!!)
hermit crab looking for my next shell