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Ladakh pashmina is rare and sought after constituting less than 0.1% of global pashmina production. It takes the entire annual growth of three pashmina goats to make just one shawl. The fibres naturally moult in the arrival of Spring and the goats are not harmed during any of the process of harv...
The Changtang Plateau is surrounded by the stunning mountain ranges of Ladakh and Zanskar - a vast, arid and breathtaking landscape approximately 4600m above sea level. It is from this landscape that you find the finest pashmina in the world.Pashmina goats from Ladakh are raised in natural open a...
The Ajrakh process - two weeks can be spent preparing the cloth before printing even begins. To appreciate how such complexity evolved it is important to realize that colour on cloth is not achieved through printing just a dye. The artisan is not using pigments. Rather, three elements are deploye...
Collecting fabric from the fields. Cloth is laid out to dry between processes. The rocks you see scattered are used to weigh the cloth down so it doesn't blow away in the wind. Sometimes these rocks leave subtle impressions on the border of the cloth.
Indigo blockprinted yardage drying out in the field. After its final step and before its final wash.
Indigo Alchemy is back ! This is one of our most popular pieces in the Ajrakh Collection.
Master dyer Jabberbhai Khatri attends his organic indigo vat.
NEW BEDDING launches today online and in the shop - new blockprint designs and restock of our favourite pieces! all 100% Organic Cotton - blockprinted with precision by skilled Ajrakh artisans of Kachchh Desert, India.
New block prints in our bedding ! All on 100% organic cotton. Artisan made using hand carved wooden printing blocks & natural dyes.
A beautiful mess of hand-carved printing blocks in an Ajrakh blockprinting studio. These blocks are masterfully carved to create repeat patterns an border designs.
Farm truck filled with cloth mid-process - blockprinted with gum arabic resist and thickened alum and iron mordants. This photo was taken at the Khatri's farm in Kachchh, India
These pieces are textured, soft and warm for cool days or anytime of the year. Dress head to toe in the coziest quilted cloth.