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Team #bakugou or no? Whos your favorite my hero character?Its been a minute since Ive posted any workouts so here is my posterior day Outfit @justsaiyan__gear code madlymish
Do you have to be in a calorie surplus to gain muscle?It actually depends on where your current starting point is.If youre obese or overweight then you have enough energy stores on you that you dont need to be in a calorie surplus to build muscle. Typically for this starting point you could be in...
Trying out my powerlifting besties workout We did a few sets of bench with low reps followed by some accessory work. Not sure if Im a big fan of the second exercise but it was fun doing something different.
Cardio minutes are the longest minutes change my mind
Thats a wrap #wasabiconpdx #wasabicon #wasabicon2023 #deidaracosplay #akatsukicosplay
The joys of lifting
PR or ER?Just kidding!! Imma take it super slow #babyweightsonly
Ok whats the WORSE muscle to be sore? @justsaiyan__gear Madlymish#anime #animegymwear #dragonball #dragonballz #fitnesshumor #gymhumor #funnygymvideos
I havent done a reverse update in a bit so this is where Im at currentlyMacros: 270c/65f/170p Lifting: 5x a week modified Push/Pull/Legs splitCardio: zeroSteps/movement goal: 10k (& Im barely hitting that)Weight 131.8lbs todayIll be honest my weekends have been so wonky that I need to dial it in ...
Please tell me Im not the only one #gymhumor #funnygymvideos #fitnesshumor
Push day Actually its probably more like a chest day with some other stuff . I havent been able to shoulder press (besides one stability exercise) at all the last few months so I solely do chest exercises for pressing (feels totally fine). Ill be getting it checked out in august and Im hoping its...
Ah shiii gotta focus