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3 reasons you arent seeing muscle growth:...1. You havent been progressive overloading. Progressive overload doesnt necessarily just mean raising your weights over time. It can mean slowing down your movements, pausing at the bottom/top of a lift, adding sets or reps, and of course, adding weight...
Im baaaaccckkk
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I had someone tell me I fell off ooooh I needed that. Surgery set me back about 3 weeks sooo restarting my personal 8 week challenge. Not being able to workout for so long has me so grateful to be back lifting so the goal is total focus now!
How cuteeee is this bubblegum, Barbie dream set?!?! Going to order this set in every color. Shop it on @prozis @prozisusa & dont forget to use my code to support & get $$ off! Code MKTALSO starting my 5 week challenge. Goal is to bulk up the booty & back while strengthening my core/slimming my wa...
Beyondddd excited to announce my new partnership with @prozis You can use my code MKT for $$ off! Theres also free shipping over $30 BUT WAIT THERES MORE swipe to second slide to see amazing deals happening right now! My favorite is their cookies and cream whey protein I have a hard time finding ...
I show up at your door like this. I ask if its your birthday. You eagerly say yes. I wink and tell you someone sent you very a special surprise for your birthday. A devious smile widens across your face. I move aside and out pops a 12 man Mariachi band. They yell surprise! and give you the best s...
Summer is nearly over and I havent been on a single beach. RUDE!!!!
A day in my life: Shoot Day
A day in my life: Shoot Day
Taking legs for days a little too seriously
Taking legs for days a little too seriously