my book „MadC - Street to Canvas“ is out now!
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Photorealistic artist & photographer, Berlin based. Founder of MACLAIM crew and @herakut
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Immer am zweiten Samstag im Monat in der faz am Kiosk
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Publishing limited editions of street art and urban contemporary art since 2012
fanakapan now available Link in bio
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Transforming St Pete into a curated openair museum with murals by international national local artists
Year 10 October 1120 2024
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Still snappin This is a mix of graff street art hip hop everyday life Welcome to my world
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Multidisciplinary artist with roots in graffiti Since 1997
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monochrome on canvas, inspired by my #ColorRhythms #NFT 986. The White Tornado @heni #MadC #monochrome #blackandwhite #artiststudio
#Werbung Just like a Christmas gift, I received the new Huawei MatePad Pro 13.2 end of last year. Immediately, I tested its sketching and drawing capabilities with the M-Pencil. I was amazed since it enables me to create pieces that look like my hand-painted canvases but also fast drawings and cl...
good times with this great lady in #Duesseldorf back in 2022 for @hansriegelstiftung #Repost @nikakramerFor Throwback Thursday, Im giving you this gem from 2022!This is one of my favorite walls ever. Painted by one of my favorite artists and a wonderful human, MADC! @mad_c1She managed the really ...
Here is a very quick piece from@some months ago, that I never found time to post. Painted in #Magdeburg together with @park_oner @kloverallt and @laidbackdesign_ in as little as an hour.#MadC #graffiti
Happy New Year everyone! As in #ColorRhythms #NFT no 549. This Will Be a Good Year for You#MadC @heni #digitalart
heres a little reel of my current solo show How Diamonds are made at @44309gallery Thanks to everyone who came to the opening! #MadC #soloshow
canvas close up of my upcoming solo show at @kollygallery this weekend in Zurich! Looking forward to seeing you there. #MadC #canvas #soloshow #artexhibition #streetart #urbanconemporaryart #graffiti #Kollygallery #Zurich
Part 2 of a little side project in #Salinaks @salinakanvasproject alongside @haks180 and @marthacoopergram taking pictures. #goodtimes #MadC #Haks180 #MarthaCooper #BoomSalina #Lostplaces #Graffiti
part 1 of a little side project in #Salinaks with @haks180 and photos by @marthacoopergram thank you @salinakanvasproject #MadC #graffiti #part1 #MarthaCoooer #Haks180 #BoomSalina
Here is my latest mural for @salinakanvasproject once again with the help of @haks180 and some photos by @marthacoopergram Thanks a million to everyone involved in this wonderful project, I had a fantastic time with good people. Reminder to myself - brick walls need a different amount of paint an...
good morning Salina @salinakanvasproject #MadC #mural #sunrise
I finally finished the other side of the tunnel in #Magdeburg #Germany I painted the South side last year. Once the sidewalk is done and the lights are installed, Ill post photos of the whole project. Here is a little reel from my lovely assistant @laidbackdesign_ Thanks to the city of Magdeburg ...