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This is me, chasing joy in the rain.I know some parts of California got a whole lot of rain. We just got a normal amount. But it was enough for me to use an umbrella when I went out today. Which is a treat!Especially since its pink and has hearts on it. And no, its not Lillys from when she was 6....
Well..I planned to do weekly recaps for the month of January and share fave moments I didnt want to forget. But here we are in February and that only happened once. Oops! So here are just a few of the moments from Jan 2024 that I want to remember and that didnt make it in the grid. *A January bea...
God has been working in my heart lately in the area of gratitude. Read through all the slides to see one of the things Hes helped me see. #maandpamodernonfaith #maandpamodernhome
Last week our Adventure Club took one of my favorite local hikes. Ive done this hike many times and I never tire of it. But the natural beauty wasnt the best part of the hike this time.It was the shoulder to shoulder time I got with my oldest son while we hiked together.My oldest is nearly 20, a ...
Saturday morning stroll I love walks and coffee.She loves tea and architecture.We both love beauty.Chasing joy, connection, and time with my best girl.Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.#maandpamodernonteens #maandpamodernonparenting #gretawalks
This calls for a celebration! @nelsonbooks, an imprint of @thomasnelson, has signed sought-after speaker and author Greta Eskridge (@maandpamodern) for a brand new book coming Spring of 2025. In her writing and speaking, Greta is a voice of hope and encouragement. With both humor and brave vulne...
//This picture and these words I shared with a few friends the day my book contract came in. And now I want to share them with all of you. Because, whether you know it or not, you have been a part of the journey to get to this place. You have cheered me on, encouraged, supported and engaged. Youv...
File under: moments I want to remember.Last week Davy decided to wake early and make a big breakfast for the whole family. There was no special occasion. But gift giving is his love language and this was his way of telling us all he loves us.He got up at 7 am ( thats early for this homeschool kid...
Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder. E B WhiteYesterday Lilly and I drove to a neighborhood just 13 minutes from ours. We shared coffee and cake at a cute cafe and walked a few miles together down unfamiliar sidewalks.We swooned over beautiful homes, spotted gorgeous flowers, and ...
//Repeat after me:Celebrate things both great and small and celebrate often! //If youve been hanging around my stories lately, you know how much our family loves the books by the English country vet, James Herriot, as well as the show that Masterpiece Theater has been making based on said books. ...
Ive been hiking (mostly) weekly with this crew since before the youngest was born. Its a cherished rhythm in our life and one I cant imagine doing without.As I was sharing this weeks hike over in my stories, I recalled this picture, taken in 2012. It was the first time we tried this trail and it ...
//Things to Remember1st week of 2024//I cant seem to keep up with posting all, or even most, of the things that happen in our life. So I decided to try something new-a weekly highlight reel of things I want to remember. This is my attempt at posting those things here so I can remember them in yea...