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Next time you swing by your local co-op, stock up on our thick and crunchy organic rice cakes, like our three-ingredient Wild Rice Cakes or our Salted Caramel Rice Cakes, which are made with REAL caramel. Because I love artificial flavors, said no one ever. These products are in stock at National...
THIS JUST IN: Life's too short to skip dessert! Our Organic Brown Rice Thin Stackers paired with @snacktbh Chocolate Hazelnut Spread is THE light, nutty and, of course, SWEET treat thatll leave you satisfied with every bite! Say goodbye to guilt (cuz, whos got time for that?) and hello to the per...
Embracing warm bowl season with a GIVEAWAY There will be 3 lucky winners of a variety pack of Lundberg Farms organic rice, $50 MIXT app credits + swag, and topped with a @trybachans 4-bottle gift box and hoodie! To enter: Follow @mixt and @lundbergfarms Like this post Comment your go-to warm ...
Basil Chicken Salad on rice cakes? Trust us, it's ! Not only is it tasty but also packed with protein and whole grains to keep you satisfied without weighing you down. Find the recipe in our link in bio! #lundbergfamilyfarms #ricecakes #healthysnacks
Were Lundberg! #weretrend #lundbergfamilyfarms #RegenForTheNextGen
SPOTTED at @nuggetmarkets! Our Organic Lightly Salted Thin Stackers and Red Rice & Quinoa Thin Stackers light, thin, and oh-so-delicious. Whether you're snacking on the go, a devoted dipper, or a creative spreader, these stackers are your top-tier choice. Grab yours today and snack away! #lun...
GIVEAWAY ALERT! Join the movement for a healthier planet with our special giveaway in collaboration with 3 of the 2024 Top Food brands recognized by @wholefoods as leaders in water conservation! We are proud to be part of this amazing group of leaders! What youll win (more than $300 value!):Fro...
Its the simple thingslike enjoying rice cakes with a viewthat make moments on the dock truly special. Who else agrees? (: @thatplantbasedstyle)#lundbergfamilyfarms #ricecakes #healthysnacks
Buzz around the gym says our Organic Brown Rice Cakes are the BEST! This classic snack is thick, crunchy, and packed with 100% whole grains for a go-to that you can actually feel GOOD about. Follow the link in our bio for 15% off through Jan. 13th when you use code CRUNCH15 at checkout! #lundbe...
Snack time just got unbearably cute! Elevate the adorableness by customizing our rice cakes with your favorite delicious toppings and enjoy an exclusive 15% off on ALL our organic rice cakes with code CRUNCH15 for a limited time. Sale ends Saturday at midnight! #lundbergfamilyfarms #ricecakes #...
Whered we get these ducks?! Okay, first of all, some of them are geese. But so glad you asked. Our farm is part of the Pacific Flyway, a major migratory pathway for birds. But the wetlands those birds depend on have been disappearing for decades due to development. Today, 95% of Californias wet...
Richvale, CA is a bit of a trek! Its roughly 70 miles north of the nearest airport and has a population of about 200 (including cats and dogs). But our farm is a pretty magical place and, this year, we got to share the magic with some of our friends who made the trek to get into hip waders and ou...