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Hi all Been a while since Iv posted but Im doing well, I have spent some time off social media to better reflect the what the world has thrown at us, but I have not gave up on this community or you guys! So to all of you 50k+ followers, thank you cant wait to show you guys more creative work and...
Theres something magical about snow in the desert. The contrast between the pure white snow and vibrancy of the Sedona rocks creates for a unique and unforgettable shot.
Hey guys! Been a while since Iv posted on here but things are great! Iv gained quite a few followers since i last posted and I would love to know where you guys are all are from and if you are photographers yourselves or just looking for travel inspo! 3, 2, 1 and goooo!
Nothing is better then scouting a destination on google Earth, and waking up before sunrise hiking in pitch dark to find all the research and patient paid off. Also shout out to my friends for whenever I have a crazy idea... they are in
One thing I have been focusing on during Covid is perfecting my craft. As a designer through my career I have begun exploring experimentative photography. I captured this through attaching a small light to my drone and simply flying up and down.
A view worth living for
Been feeling a little bit of a creative rut lately, I want more then ever to travel and feel inspired again. Help me get inspired and drop a comment on where I should go in the southwest that might be awesome for me to checkout!
Cant wait to get back up here soon and do more adventuring. This place is just wild
Nothing is better than exploring unique landscapes youve never been to and having it be better than you ever imagined. This place did that Also threw in a portrait in the mix. Let me know if you guys would like to see more portraits incorporated in the wild
Exploring some unique locations of the southwest. Its always fun to use light / shadows to help create a unique composition that you dont usually see in the middle of the day. Blue hour tends to be my favorite when the geography has a lot of textures so its easy on the eyes. Cant wait to get out ...
Taking off like SpaceX
Its adventure time