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85 lbs down then got preggo TWICE
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Our backs go out more than we do, but our inner child has a bank account and no bedtime.#millennial #millenialmom #rawmotherhood #lifeafter30
3rd trimester @costco snacksMade it out with:1. Gummy snacks for my toddler2. @crisp.power Protein pretzels (for me - and Im not sharing!) that are to die for. These were new to me and such a good find! Highly recommend if you need a new healthy snack3. Japanese thunder snack cookies 4. Protein ...
chasing dreams > chasing dollars And for anyone curious, cause I know I was, here are all the ways Ive made and saved a little money in 2024:Affiliate MarketingInfluencer MarketingFreelance content creation Making and selling embroidered sweatshirts Mystery Shopping Insourcing beauty services has...
Not everyone is gonna understand the 5th one- but thats the one Im looking forward to the most! I learned so much the first time, and this time, Im absolutely going to be prioritizing postpartum recovery a little more.1. Not even attempting breastfeeding this time. Its a full time job that I dont...
8 months pregnant, forecast says its gonna be 112 here in AZ by Wednesday, and our ac just went out Send prayers. Better yet send ice cream #8monthspregnant #pregnant af #rawmotherhood #morherhoodunplugged
What? Like its hard? Heres what I do myself now that Im a SAHM:LashesBrowsScalp TreatmentBlow OutNailsSelf tanDermaplanning & Teeth whitening Be sure to follow me @lowcarbdashian where I share all my tips and tricks as I perfect each process & comment link if you want me to DM you a list of all m...
An impressive, easy appetizer for your next party or at-home date night! The trick is to cut the bacon in half, air fry it till its about half done (time and temp varies but I do mine at 400 for like 6 min) then wrap the scallops, secure w a few toothpicks and pop them back in the air fryer to fi...
Just out of curiosity what was your babys heartbeat and their gender?! This is the one that Im holding on to even though Ive found countless studies debunking the tale Heartbeat, Chinese birth predictor, cravings, morning sickness, how Im carrying, how Im sleeping . you name it they are all point...
A peaceful shower alone is overrated so I just leave those for my husband#motherhoodunplugged #toddlermomproblems #toddlermoms #toddlermama #adayinmylife #adayinthelife #realmotherhood
POV: youre an introvert and its your first time visiting the coffee shop that is notorious for being extremely friendly, where the baristas ask questions like what is the weirdest thing youve ever eaten while your toddler is screaming & before you even have caffeine for the day AND you have to or...
Elevating my stubs takes much longer doing it myself BUT, I can do it at the comfort of my kitchen table, any day, any hour of the day. And it hasnt cost me a penny since my initial investment. comment nails or link for a full list of everything I use to prep, apply, and remove gelx extensions my...
another chaotic week of solo parenting a toddler 11 hours a day, while working-from-home, and growing a humanSome call it hiding. I call it recharging. #MomLife #pregnantmom #motherhoodjourney #motherhoodmoments #rawmotherhood #realmomlife