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All’s fair in love and poetry... New album THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT. Out April 19 🀍
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Whats wrong with this picture? Looking forward to your thoughts. See you at 4pm @wgnnews
And thats my Tuesday workout with the girls - always so fun with @kay.yasin @drtina2015 @evans_colin @lissberman
Here are some of your headlines this afternoon - the news is on now @wgnnews
A big congratulations to this goofball - @demeteorologist will be replacing Tom as chief meteorologist. Youll be great D - youll be able to catch him every afternoon at 4,6,9 and 10pm. @wgnnews Felicidades!
Lucky for me that I got to visit with @carmenseminari0 - remarkable designer and new mom. Imparting my words of wisdom about motherhood - sleep when you can and laugh as much as you canEnjoy - youre going have so much fun Carmen. Looking forward to your new designs.
Another birthday celebration in the books - happy birthday to Matt. Thanks to the crew at @costeracocina for helping to make it a fantastic night. @chefayala everything was so good.
We took this picture when we first started dating - I think @mehgrath was looking at the road ahead and our future together. Your sweet nature and calming voice gave me the future I always wanted. I love you! Lets celebrate your birthday. Happy Happy Birthday! Te quiero mucho mucho mucho.
Best part of having a week off work - getting to take on some fun projects with the Mads. Weve been wanting to make our own bread. Not bad for a first attempt. Like most things in life - patience is everything. See you back at work Monday#breadmaking
Hanging with my bestie on vacation - pool, beach, hugs.
Not hanging up my boots just yet - the @wgnnews at 4pm is up next. #newsat4 #news #boots
Happy New Year! Looking forward to spending 2024 with the ones I love most. Tomorrow is the first blank pageof a 365-page book. Write a good one.Heres a look back at the year we leave behind. #newyear #aonuevo #2024
Covering this week on the @wgnmorningnews which means I get to hang with my favorite novela partner @danponcetv and I get to spend time getting to know @brhett_vickery_tv - were having fun!