Lorenz Weisse

from Switzerland
Studying medicine
I take pictures and put my thoughts into music
📩 hallo@lorenzweisse.com
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Würzburg Germany
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Found Nemo and his homies
my kind of getaway
the og squared format
out here sniping bangers
ready for those final Oktober days in the mountains
Wildlife but under water
Autumn is creeping in
no biggie just my favorite wildlife shot to date
Sunset over the eastern desert
First day here and already met plenty of locals alongside the biggest barracuda Ive seen so far. They can get up to 2m in length and this one was probably around 1.5m
another sunrise mission in the books. followed the habit of arriving there way too early and sitting in the dark for about a quarter hour. paid off in the end as it always does
@xiaomi.deutschland was kind enough to send me their new Xiaomi 13T Pro wich launched today along their other 13T series phones. They collaborated with Leica and really put a 50mp beast in your pocket! As of that morning we got what felt like the first foggy sunrise of the season and waking up ea...