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Since this unexpected revival, Nathan & I have added more kids to the mix (complete with post-delivery zoom rehearsals in the hospital), gotten a puppy, both turned 30, had medical crises, along with SO many more major life events. A lot has happened in two short yearsnot only for us, but for you...
Welcome, my sweet son.Lincoln William Kress Our First Day of Summer baby, following his sisters First Day of Winter & Spring birthdays Enjoying this latest new season of our lives to the fullest!
10 reasons why I love allergy season
Its been about 10 months or so since Ive posted anything, so here to notify you that were indeed still alive! Weve been staying a little busy (the good kinda busy), & are enjoying life with each other & our kids!But anyways, I felt like posting my best friends cute, clay earrings she makes. She ...
And since my last post decided not to post this presh one at the end Im posting it separately. Idk how to Instagram anymore#happy1stbdayevie
My sweet, smiley, easy-going, yet oh-so-active, Evie girl..Ezie EYou are a massive ray of sunshine, even though technically I guess youre a rainbow. You are a gift and miracle.I love that you were born on the first day of Spring, as to me it signifies LIFE, redemption & resurrection (especially w...
Today we realized that were old & roller coasters give us headaches. But daaang ittt if it wasnt a good day with my best friend. Love growing old with you, sweetness
idk who needs to hear this, but MOMS.youre killin the junk outta this day
Happiest (slightly belated) birthday to the love of my life. Natey, you are joy. You are comedy. You are hard work. You are momentum. You are determination. You are love. You are care. You are kindness. Youre my hero, inspiration, and of course, my bestest friend (with a benefit or two ). Life is...
aaand candy-stealin Evie.
H-weenie21.Gotham-savin, tat-makin, criminal chasin, baby fadin. BUZZ.
Thanks for capturing all the mems, as always, Uncle Ded (@jedidiahwoods). Priceless times. Love my three sweet & silly people. Thank you for also getting Rosies mean-muggin face, which now also doubles as her latest superhero face.