I help people become strong and flexible through anatomy based strength training yoga
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Runners! Share your best running tip for beginners in the comments! I dont know if its my age or something, but recently Ive taken up running as I felt like my cardiovascular health was one corner of my overall health that I was kinda neglecting. Does anyone else feel this way?!I lift heavy weigh...
There are much smarter ways to improve your hamstring flexibility than simply berating your hamstrings over and over again! Improving your ability to internally rotate at the hip joint is a game changer. It allows you more freedom to anteriorly tilt your pelvis, moving the origin of your hamstrin...
CONFESSION !I very rarely practice advanced postures anymore My yoga practice is much more stretchy and gentle, and then I have my strength and mobility training to challenge me and push my limits.So I thought it could be interesting to try out some poses that Ive not tried in WAY over a year, an...
Heres my 6 top tips to help you learn to pike press to headstand! (Pike press means to lift both legs straight up together - no kick or jump!)And one final tip that I didnt include in the video:Practice a short distance away from the wall. Not too close or the wall will get in your way for the pr...
Heres some yoga inspired core strength movements to give a try To create an effective 10 minute core strengthening workout try THIS: Do each exercise for 40 seconds Take 20 seconds rest between each exercise Repeat twice throughRemember that even if youre doing something for a set amount of time,...
Yesterday was my first day back in the gym in TEN DAYS. Which for someone who usually trains 5-6 times a week, was a major break But what should you do if youve taken time off?!FIRST AND FOREMOST, cut yourself some slack. Throw all that negative self-talk away and whatever the reason is for your ...
Come on now weve all seen these posts Where a single movement promises to quite literally change your life with its AMAZING transformative benefits - and for some reason these posts go WILD with views, likes and engagement!And maybe thats because many people are looking for a quick fix? For a fas...
This one is for the yoga teachers out there and something I was totally guilty of when I first started yoga PSA - dropping the knees makes chaturanga SO MUCH BETTER for building upper body strength than a poorly performed knees up version! Do you agree?!#yogahumour #chaturanga #chaturangadandasa...
Some hip and ankle mobility moves that have you looking a little tipsy Whether your transitioning from the back to the front of your yoga mat, or walking around the gym like a weirdo, heres 3 weird walks to give a try for improving your hip and ankle mobility, as well as them being really fun Wea...
Did I do it right? @hexxeeofficial @aloyoga#yogapractice #funny #yogateacher #igyoga #forthegram #yogahumour
I cannot TELL you how much I used to try and stretch my hamstrings with yoga classes. I would hold that pyramid pose or that janu sirsasana until the cows came home but I aaaaalways struggled to feel much progress. If you look up the word stubborn in the dictionary, youll find a little picture o...
Guess what!! I made a FREE 4-week Ultimate Hip & Hamstring Mobility Program! And you can download it right now via the link on my profile page!This ebook is something Ive been wanting to create for such a long time! When I ask people what they need help with the most common thing I hear is:- My s...