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Just another spectacular Girls On The Run Celebration 5K this past weekend!! This spring brought the program back to Palisades Tahoe for the big event, and my word was it ever a gorgeous morning!!It was a family affair volunteer morning this time! Emerson, both my nieces, my SIL and Es best frien...
Brynn Helena Hoffbuhr where has the time gone . We officially have ended our Elementary School era and my heart is a mEsS. Yesterday was a BIG day for our last born. Looking back on all her first days of school here in Reno was a bittersweet gift this morning .Big hugs to mamas everywhere this mo...
A good marriage isnt something you find, it is something you make. And you have to keep on making it. - Gary Thomas.Happy 17th Wedding Anniversary today my love! Two crazy young kids in love made a commitment in front of 300 family and friends 17 years ago, and and wasted no time in creating this...
.The beauty is in the details.The joy is in the details.The meaning is in the details.Ive been thinking much more about this, lately. Are there beautiful little details in how you greet your children after school? Thoughtful details when preparing for your work day and the colleagues youll be int...
Hang with me for a second here.I am burnt the crisp out of the diet culture. This vortex of up and down and left and right.Oiy. It exhausts me and Im not even in it.For 10 years Ive stood behind the principle of protein. And it very well is the ONE macro nutrient and diet-culture-philosophy that ...
My absolute favorite month of the year.Also, my M O O D Im seeing it all in so many right now. Lets let June work her magic #june #favoritemonth #summer #joy #mondaymood
Four day recap and maybe Ill come up for air tomorrow?! Not pictured 4 soccer games in said days . Somewhere between it all we had sunshine, smiles, and food when we had a second .Emerson had her first Junior PGA match of the year, and her and her cousin Anna won all 9 holes ! Both E and Brynn ...
8 years of for these #sistercousins wrapped up in a Championship this weekend ! We started Emerson in soccer the minute we moved to Reno July 2016. Shes had endless seasons with her cousin Anna and its been an absolute joy to watch these two grow in their athleticism from the daisy picking rec ...
Dear girls,I know sometimes I seem frustrated and impatient, but I need you to know:Even when Im exhausted, even when I worry nonstop, even when I miss having time for myself, even when Im overwhelmed by a messy house, even when Im tired of rushing everywhere we go, even though all of the respons...
C H A M P I O N S Brynns team brought home the gold at their first Rogue Memorial Challenge Soccer Tournament! 3 days, 5 games, 30 goals scored by Bs team and only 1 let in!! . Toss in a 3rd place goalie war finish for Brynn and this team truly couldnt ask for more .Beyond allllll the soccer howe...
GOALIE WARS One of the coolest things weve seen! Brynn competed in her first Goalie Wars Saturday night at The Rogue Memorial Challenge soccer tourney. And she crushed it! She took 3rd of 16 girls in her bracket! Brynn hasnt been a full time Keeper for even one full year yet. She sure has found ...
K I D S C O U R T This field trip was my absolute favorite to date!We spent a few hours at the Reno Justice Court and learned sooooo much.Brynn s class conducted a mock trial, and Brynn was the defense attorney for curly pig . It was so cute! The court even had costumes for them! Brynn and her ...