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If you rip off these tilted drawings youre an idiot
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Hello everyone! I have good news! My books are open :) please email me (click the email button in my bio) if you would like to get tattooed by me! - @niteowltattoomass @eternalink @neumatattoomachines @kingpintattoosupply @redemptiontattoocare @inkmapstattooapp @cartielneedles @hushanesthetic @s...
This is Sage as a baby laying in some sage leaves and I definitely used the @eternalink color sage in this one. Thanks for looking! @niteowltattoomass @eternalink @neumatattoomachines @kingpintattoosupply @redemptiontattoocare @inkmapstattooapp @cartielneedles @hushanesthetic @stencilstuff @dipca...
Thank you Kaeleigh for always coming up with super fun ideas for tattoos! @niteowltattoomass @eternalink @neumatattoomachines @kingpintattoosupply @redemptiontattoocare @inkmapstattooapp @cartielneedles @hushanesthetic @stencilstuff @dipcaps @yilongtattooing @quickcaps #massanewschool #westernma...
Dont sleep on your chance to get an incredibly cute tattoo from @taraquinntattoos . Shell be here @niteowltattoomass until May 23rd. Please make her draw something adorable! You wont be disappointed!
@inkmapstattooapp surprised me with this absolutely gorgeous banner today! If you havent used the @inkmapstattooapp do yourself a favor and check it out. I use it all the time to help me figure out what @eternalink colors I could use for each project. @inkmapstattooapp @inkmapstattooapp
A little experiment that needs a bit more work. What do you all think about this little one?
I had so much fun tattooing this beautiful girl! She liked to sit in chairs that were way too small for her. Thank you for looking! @niteowltattoomass @eternalink @neumatattoomachines @kingpintattoosupply @redemptiontattoocare @inkmapstattooapp @cartielneedles @hushanesthetic @stencilstuff @dipc...
First day here for the @tahoetattooshow and Im so excited about all the fun stuff we will have in our booth! But also, make sure to go pick up this amazing magazine that I absolutely adore called @skin_paper_paint ! @tonyciavarro might even give you a nice smile if you buy one. Cant wait to see e...
Its so beautiful here @tahoetattooshow
Have you all seen @yilongtattooing s portable stencil printer?! Its absolutely amazing! If youd like the freedom of printing your own stencils while youre traveling look no further. @yilongtattooing has an awesome app that is super user friendly and works well on the iPad! #yilongtattoosupply @yi...
Ive been experimenting with hand sewing little accordion wallets and Im considering making enough to sell them. What do you lovely people think?
Thank you, Sarah! @niteowltattoomass @eternalink @neumatattoomachines @kingpintattoosupply @redemptiontattoocare @inkmapstattooapp @cartielneedles @hushanesthetic @stencilstuff @dipcaps @quickcaps #massanewschool #westernmass #northamptonma #northamptontattoos #massachusetts #brightestcolorsper...