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Fresh fruit right off the tree. What fun it is to plant and grow some of our own food. I know its time to pick the peaches when the birds and bugs start to go after them. Any of you have a garden or fruit trees (or areas where you can forage)? If so, what are you enjoying now or looking forward...
A little snippet from my interview with @drtyna on her podcast, speaking to the time lag between new research making its way into clinical practice and official guidelines. This is why I write my books to bridge this gap. Which discrepancy in the guidelines did you find most shocking from read...
In this episode of the @resilientfertilitypodcast , @lilynicholsrdn discusses her collaborative book with Lisa Hendrickson Jack of @fertilityfriday , Real Food for Fertility. Lily elaborates on how the project originated, the extensive research process, and the crucial role of nutrition in fertil...
In this weeks episode on The Ultimate Pregnancy Prep Podcast, my colleague Haley Smith @haleysmith.fa and I interview two very important practitioners in the fertility space, Lily Nichols @lilynicholsrdn and Lisa Hendrickson-Jack @fertilityfriday to discuss their newly released book Real Food for...
What in the world is in this bowl? Yet another meal thrown together with leftovers. Since I batch cook as much as I can because who wants to be spending more time in the kitchen than needed I often throw together meals with those leftovers..Pictured is the result of a not-so-tender steak that I...
Theres quite a bit of controversy floating around about saturated fat and dietary fat in general and this holds true in womens health..It is often acknowledged that fat plays a role in hormone production, but many resources on nutrition for womens health still promote a low-fat diet, often with ...
I dont miss everything about LA, but I do miss the Mexican food. If theres one food you miss from a place you once lived, tell me about it and why. #foodie
Its well known that female athletes face a higher risk of losing their periods (hypothalamic amenorrhea), but did you realize how common it really is?This condition is particularly more prevalent among women in sports that emphasize leanness.The challenge when helping clients with this condition ...
What a whirlwind it was to record the audiobook for #realfoodforfertility. Lisa and I recorded in studio with my audio engineer (and childhood friend) in LA last week..After five and a half 10-hour days and many boxes of throat coat tea, recording is done and were back home with our families (and...
Forgot how good an egg sandwich is. Just scrambled eggs on buttered toast. Feels extra special that the sourdough is homemade and the eggs are from our very own chickens. I make the eggs more like an omelet than scrambled so they stay put, but make them however you like! You can find my sourdough...
On this episode, Dr Tyna discusses the impact of maternal blood sugar control on offspring health.Listen to the full episode anywhere you get your podcasts. Comment or DM pod for the full episode link. EP. 145: Metabolic Health During Pregnancy & Its Long Term Effects on Our Children | Lily Nicho...
Sometimes the simplest of meals are the most delicious. And spring asparagus YUM!.Im more of a slow-cooked meat fan than a steak lover (dont hate!), but now that the weather is favorable for grilling, its a good time to work through the freezer stash from our local cow share..When I run out of t...