🐕Lilo 🐕Infinity & 🐈Rosie

Lilo & Infinity: 10 year old huskies🐕
Rosie: 8 year old adventure cat 🐈
Traveling, hiking, and exploring
📍 California 🌿
We rescue kittens🐱@minicattown
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Happy Valentines Day Tamas heart is still going strong
Do we look alike? This is our friend Tama. She has a congenital heart condition and may not be with us long, but well love her to the fullest extent She is so full of life, hopping from one toy to the next, bouncing between our feet, and munching away at her favorite kibbles. She never stops pur...
Some of us are born photogenic and some of us are LiloWhich one are you?
The dynamic duo Nothing beats a magical stroll through new snowI had the hardest time deciding which version of this photo to post so the whole photo (which is also now my phone screen) will be posted to stories!
You never eat in peace with a dog around
Its been so cold and rainy lately but its been great cuddle weather
Woke up to a brand new year Happy 2024 everyone!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!
Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Merry Christmas Eve! Were all waiting patiently for Santa Paws to arrive
Rosie is geometric perfection
Sunset runs Surprised the duck didnt derail us