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Im just trying to be worthy of my blessings
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Hello! Its @leo_jenkins Im still alive. Ive been in writing. Felt compelled to share a recent piece for Veterans Day. Its titled, Gloves. And is currently on my website.
Travel. Meet interesting people. Try your best to choke them.The Jiu Jitsu community continues to impress me. Some golden nuggets today from @spatchzilla at @pedigosubmissionfighting
Happy Canada Day
Q. Que bueno.
Cormac McCarthy had no shortage of lines that could stop a reader mid page. What are some of your favorite McCarthy quotes?#cormacmccarthy
Summertime and the livings easy.
The adventure doesnt start when the trip does, the adventure starts when something goes wrong. As we crossed the 8 mile long bridge to Prince Edward Island, the vehicle weve traveled 13,000 kilometers over 7 months of Mexico, the US and Canada began its shrill death rattle. So it goes. We got a n...
I love my life, he wrote, its just some days I hate the person living it.
A lifetime with you seems far too short. Happy birthday @laurchaps
If you can be anything,Be a wild thing.
Felt poetic. {Might delete later}@deadreckoningcollective
Who has one of these?