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Our ONE-WEEK MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT MILK REMOVAL CHALLENGE starts tonight! WHO: If youre looking to increase your milk supply, if baby is sleeping long periods at night and your supply has been impacted, if there are weight gain concerns for baby, or if youre already nursing/pumping overnight this...
So tell us, did you get pregnant while breastfeeding?#breastfeeding #breastfeedingjourney #pumpingmom #breastfeedingmom #momlife
Have you ever been shamed for nursing your toddler? Extended breastfeeders can face a ton of social backlash and criticism for something society deems as too taboo.The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months, alongside continued breastfeeding up t...
Comment and well send you the link to our FREE n!pple ruler! If it hurts when you pumpIf your nipples are red and soreIf you have low outputIf you still feel full after pumpingYou needed to see this because its very likely that you may not be in the correct flange size.Not sure of your flange si...
Have you ever seen these whiteish bumps on your baby's precious lips after a feed?These are lip blisters and they are one of the many signs that can indicate tethered oral tissues. When a baby needs to remain latched but has a tongue restriction, the lips have to act as the primary seal to get th...
GIVEAWAY ALERT!To celebrate Memorial Day Weekend , we are discounting all of our breast pumps up to 50% off.Comment IMANI to receive a link to the sale in your DMs. We are also giving away THREE of our Imani i2 Plus Wearable Breast Pumps WITH the Dual Charging Dock so you can portably pump in sty...
Another mans mouth Im sorry, whaaat@dustinpoynter on TT#dadsofinstagram #momsofinstagram #breastfeeding
SOUND ON! Have you heard The Click while your baby is nursing?The Clicking sound happens when your baby is breastfeeding (or bottle feeding) and their tongue loses contact with the breast or bottle. You or your baby may experience other symptoms alongside the clicking sound likepain while breastf...
Food allergies affect 1 in 10 adults and 1 in 13 children. Food sensitivities and intolerance are even more common than that. Intolerance - Symptoms are usually felt right away or soon after eating and are experienced only within the digestive system. Usually a result of deficiencies.Sensitivity ...
How long did you have your Linea Nigra for?Share with us below Its time for Ask and Answer Fridays!If you have a question about breastfeeding, baby or just general parenthood, send us a DM and well share your question to the @legendairymilk page in the coming weeks. All posts will be anonymous in...
The theory behind why some of these drinks may increase milk supply is: 1 they can replenish your electrolytes (theyre high in potassium and sodium) and 2 they help to keep you hydrated. We all know how tough it can be to find time to eat well and stay hydrated some days! But the major downside o...