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Pro climber, Yosemite lover 🏳️‍🌈
“It’s not the years, it’s the mileage!” 🤠
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The Coyote Skeletool in its natural habitat.#leathermantools : @weekly_edc
The #leathermanarc has saved @justinbmcbrides bacon a time of two. #leathermantools
From fixing to creating, the Wave+ can't be beat #leathermantools @edc_and_me
Which multi-tool are you bringing on your next winter outing?Skeletool CX, Wave+, or ARC?#leathermantools
Add some color to your #edc with the FREE T4. #leathermantools
If you're a fan of Coyote Signal leave a in the comments.#leathermantools
50% off customization ends tomorrow!#leathermantools
Our engineers spent countless hours crafting the ARC; every detail meticulously designed to elevate your multi-tool experience. #leathermantools
For a limited time get 50% off customization starting today!#leathermantools
Tom and Sarah were on their way back from hunting when they came across an elk caught in barbed wire fence. Armed with his FREE P2, Tom cut the wire and freed the elk. Thanks for sharing this #tooltale with us!#leathermantools
Lightweight and full of the essentials, the Skeletool #leathermantools
A small feature of the Raptor Rescue shears but a very important one for emergency situations; the carbide glass breaker. #leathermantools