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The more something sucks, the more likely it is that it will leave you feeling accomplished and proud If I can teach my boys anything it would be to grow up being comfortable with being uncomfortable because those challenging moments, endeavours and tasks are the things that REALLY change us for...
I wouldnt wish this travel day on our worst enemy Resharing this because I think it sums up parenting no matter how prepared you think you are, 90% of the time youre going to get rocked by something so outrageous and unexpected However, even though we cant control our flight getting delayed, spe...
Wow This Squadie and Super Moms transformation is so, so, so inspiring If you have been struggling to make a change recently then please take this as your sign up that you can do it if you just commit. This Squadie is proof that you can accomplish anything. She started off with a 21 Day Lean Cha...
If we make it past 8:30pm you can consider it a wild night #NewYearsEve #IYKYK #Parentlife #wtfhappened #nye #twinmom #newborn #parentproblems
Everything that could go wrong DID go wrong I think the parenting gods are now toying with us But honestly, like we said in this video, even though so many things have gone wrong we have still made some amazing memories. I think thats the beautiful thing about parenting its actually not perfecti...
Eating healthy has never seemed so scary But the good news is it doesnt have to be! A lot of these extreme messages that are put out there are intentionally constructed to increase fear, anxiety and also divisiveness which is such a shame because thats the last thing anyone needs when trying to d...
POV: your a toddler on Christmas Day p.s. a huge round of applause to all parents who got through Christmas with your kids! It is SO MUCH work that you can never appreciate until you are actually a parent We hope you had the best time and join us on our parenting journey in 2024!!! #parenting #p...
Merry Christmas from ours to yours Christmas is such an amazing time of year but also the most work ever BRB while we take a quick coffee nap before the afternoon kicks off
Im not sure who needs to hear this but I think its an important reminderThe other night we were stressing out trying to get ready for hosting our first Christmas party. We were frantically flying around with a million things on our mind and stressing out.But eventually, as we were getting everyth...
The only unrealistic thing about this evening is that we bathed everyone That is a rare occurrence p.s. if you are struggling for quick, easy and healthy dinner options for you and the fam then you have to try @pacificfoods ready made soups. We always keep them stocked in our pantry because when...
Day 7 of ICE bath with baby Ashton I think Baby Ashton thought Daddy was never coming back As much as I DESPISE the cold, a week in I really do think ice bathing has made my days better. I feel more energized, in a better mood and way less stressed (probably because after doing one of these nothi...
One 5am wake up and a $400 plumber visit all before 10am Just another day on the parenting rollercoaster p.s. follow to join us in our realistic parenting journey. were here to normalize the good, messy, and struggles of parenting #parentlife #realisiticmorning #parenting #parenthumor #twinmom ...