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PSA Start using your back camera to take photos/videos and stop being dehydrated. This *is* a threat .Yall how have I been an iPhone user for allll these years and just realized how much better a selfie or video could turn out? No filter, no color correction just a good ol selfie + skincare fro...
Its well established that *most* people under report their calorie intake, even dietitians! A study back in 2002 showed that a group of dietitians underreported their intake by ~ 223 kcals/day while the non-dietician group underreported by ~ 429 kcals/day .What does this mean and why does it matt...
Morning routine while traveling ski resort edition .For the past few years me and my mom have taken a ski trip together, and its a packed few days. In order to be productive + feel my best, I have to lean on routines + non-negotiables..Up & out early to get to client work .I also start hydratin...
Packing for travel can feel overwhelming but I promise a little bit of planning goes a long way .I feel like Im on the road more than Im home some months so Ive perfected packing for trips. Well maybeee just this kind of stuff. Packing clothes is still quite the hassle. Sorry, cant help ya there ...
To all my fellow professional overthinkers this ones for you. Unlike most endeavors where the longer you do something the more confident you feel, Ive found the opposite to be true with creating content..Its like the longer I do it the more I let my insecurities rule what I post or rather, what ...
This is why AI will never replace coaches that truly care for their clients and dive deep into the root cause of their issues..Does this mean every week is groundbreaking advice? Absolutely not. Sometimes feedback can include For the 395th time, drink your damn water (all my clients know lolll) b...
If youre ready to change the tired narrative of yo-yo dieting in our industry and create permanent results for your clients, then this is the mentorship program for you .Enrollment is now open for Round of my coaching mentorship!.After studying the literature and working with hundreds of clients...
Ive been off my game for a minute now. Nothing major, but I actually find ~ for me personally ~ when enough small things tip the scales unfavorably, its more problematic..Theres been a few things out of my control but its largely things I can control that Ive let slip. Not my worst, but not livi...
How you carry yourself reflects what you think of yourself. It is within your power to set your own price. Robert Greene.Being around so many diligent, dedicated, and high quality individuals this weekend at the @1stphorm // @s2faction awards banquet is always a reminder of the importance of sta...
I cant be the only one who feels like this. To be abundantly clear I am in FULL support of people working to improve their mental health..What Im not okay with is reducing mental health to something that its not.. Labels that cripples us from making change. A lack of strategies and tools. Prescri...
Dont be fooled that everyone started Jan 1 with the perfect morning-wellness-workout routine and youve already fallen behind on your 2024 goals..Whether you crafted the perfect vision board with pristine details of what you want to accomplish or you started the year hazy on what to do next, you...
In a survey on New Years Resolutions just 20% of respondents said they could keep themselves accountable to their goals YET 80% of these same respondents said they felt confident in their ability to reach their goals..Yikes .I am alll for high levels of confidence but that means nothing without a...