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What's that for? Hauled this thing home on the @uptopoverland rack on the @diamondbackcovers - easy work. Is it a prototype tent from @gofsr? #justhomesteadthings . @diamondbackcovers @pelican @drivecoffee @peakrefuel @uptopoverland ...#tundra #newtundra #toyotatundra #toyota #overland #dailydive...
I've been tagged in no less than a hundred comments telling me my Tundra is gonna explode. Taking bets on how many miles it'll last... Make your guess now for your chance to win..Many for @diamondbackcovers @pelican @drivecoffee @peakrefuel @uptopoverland .......#tundra #newtundra #toyotatundra ...
You know this spot? If you watched today's #weekenderlander episode, you would. @talon_sei hardcore overlanded to this secluded spot away from the weekend crowds. Dope hangs and our Tundras didn't even explode like the internet said they would..Dope sponsors @diamondbackcovers @pelican @drivecoff...
Halos/projectors/blacked out housings from @teqcustoms and 2x6x16s - the @uptopoverland putting in some light work. What's the biggest thing you've put on your roofrack? #insertyomammajokehere.Yo mamma would love my partners @diamondbackcovers @pelican @drivecoffee @peakrefuel @uptopoverland .......
Mmmmmmm girl. Simple, elegant, effective.. these guys @diamondbackcovers @pelican @drivecoffee @peakrefuel @uptopoverland ......#tundra #newtundra #toyotatundra #toyota #overland #dailydiver #diamondbackready #teamtoyo #relationsracewheels #yota #tundragang #tundracrew #tundralife #c4fabrication ...
Couple thousand miles, a couple trails, some blood, sweat and no tears - couldn't be happier. We'll see how much trail time this will see (Tacoma still gonna be main rig for that). Even though this is my second Tundra of the same gen, it's still growing on me. Is Tundra The Way?.Thanks to my part...
Does your summer EDC change at all? It doesn't need to, if you got the right shorts. The @vertx_official Delta LT Shorts got what you need, the entire site is on sale now for 30% off with code LASTLINE..Thanks to my homies @diamondbackcovers @pelican @drivecoffee @peakrefuel @uptopoverland .........
Need a place to toss some gear? @uptopoverland is having a Memorial Day sale starting now - use code MEMORIAL24 to save 20% off almost everything on their site. .Thanks to the best sponsors @diamondbackcovers @pelican @drivecoffee @peakrefuel @uptopoverland
@lastlineofdefense and @peakrefuel makes me happy. Join us on Saturday and Sunday!Additionally, Booth L11 Saturday 10am for med training with @docnatejones and vehicle security with @greglapin at 2pm.
Come hang. Saturday at noon and Sunday at 10am come hang with me at @fieldcraftsurvival booth and eat @peakrefuel and drink @drivecoffee - we'll keep the @jetboil(s) burning until we run out. .Thanks to my fam @diamondbackcovers @pelican @drivecoffee @peakrefuel @uptopoverland
Honestly it's becoming my favorite build of all time. You going to @overlandexpo? Tundra will be in @fieldcraftsurvival booth, I'll have a @pelican full of @drivecoffee for anyone that wants some and I'll be slanging @peakrefuel food at some soon tbd times. Come say hi! . @diamondbackcovers @peli...
I just love trucks. Wanna haul something? Sure. Tow a trailer? Gotchu. Throw a tent on and camp? Ovrlndaf. Costco run? Get all the things. Help a buddy move? Oh sorry I have a Dr appointment. Road trip? In comfort. You get the idea. New Tundy looking goooooood. Need to button up a few things and ...