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Reporting from inside the house of Oscar de la Renta, founded by Oscar in 1965.
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Nature's raw beauty unfolds in endless possibilities. Discover Empreinte Animale, featuring modular jewellery pieces that can be mixed and matched.
Welcome spring evenings with the warm light of our Grand-Duc votives.
Express your untamed spirit through refined metal links and diverse crystal colours of the Empreinte Animale jewellery collection.
Spring gatherings shine brighter with our Lotus Tumblers and Wingen Decanter.
Fierce fauna transformed into jewellery. Discover the Empreinte Animale collection and find your perfect match on the link in our bio.
The floral artist creates out of the vase compositions. For Lalique, he imagines a bold and modern interpretation with the Amazon green Plumes vase.
Always poetic, this artwork provokes a sensitive disruption of the established art form. Elegant and strong, the Empreinte Animale earrings are a timeless expression of art inspired by the wild.
Spring is nature awakening. Lalique invited artist @jefferson_fouquet to express his talent around our inimitable vases, glasses and jewellery. Florist to some of the biggest names in fashion, he is transforming the way we look at the floral world.
Lalique celebrates Le Printemps des Arts with an experimental and sensory conversation around scents and fine craftsmanship. Each piece in the Empreinte Animale collection mirrors the vibrant awakening of spring's wildlife.
Let spring unfold on your skin with Les Compositions Parfumes Infinite Shine and its flamboyant bloom of rose, sandalwood and saffron.
In a conversation between art and flowers, Lalique crystal comes alive with the essence of spring.
Jefferson Fouquet breaks the codes of floral art in a personal and radical manner. Surrealist and always highly visual, his floral compositions poetise Lalique creations.