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Seriously though, you need to make these air fried carrots!! If youve been reading my What We Ate For Dinner Last Week substacks, then you know Im not exaggerating when I say that weve been eating these on REPEAT. You could totally make them in the oven too, I just love how crispy they get this w...
Any TruFru fans out there?! I thought it would be cute to attempt to make some chocolate covered raspberries myself with this heart mold - and while the heart mold make them a little too messy, the overall concept worked really well!All you need are raspberries and Ghirardelli dark chocolate melt...
Ill never get tired of watching great people achieve great things And go listen to @morgxnofficials new album! Its called BEACON and you can stream it on Spotify right now!!
A little January recap It may have dragged on a little but it was still a good one!I wrote a newsletter all about what I read, watched, bought and more - it should be in your inbox now if youre a subscriber, but you can also comment JANUARY and Ill dm you the link, along with my top 10 bestselle...
Lets make Nanas artichoke dip!! She used to make this for parties all the time but Ive never attempted it myself because I never have mayonnaise on hand or want to buy it I tried it with unsweetened yogurt instead and it was honestly really good, but if you arent a weirdo like me, Id probably ju...
You know what gets me excited about football? A romance between a player and a pop star and delicious food!!These lightened up crunchwraps were so quick and easy, we will definitely be making them again. I knowwww theyre supposed to have queso and sour cream but I didnt have them and honestly we ...
Posting this on a whim because its frustrating to hear women get excited about this happy thing thats happening only to follow it up with something self deprecating.It took me a long time to realize that its okay to like stereotypically girly things. It doesnt make me any less smart or interestin...
Luna is FIVE!! Where did time go?!? In honor of our sweet girls birthday, I took a little trip down memory lane and gushed over photos of her as a puppy Does anyone else do this on their dogs birthdays and/or gotcha day? (I do it on both )Happy Birthday Luners! We love you the most
Im pretty sure January is the toughest month to be in Chicago (or anywhere like it) because it seems to drag on forever, but we only have ONE week left! Heres whats getting me through:- Big cozy sweaters - this one is 50% off! Runs oversized and its so fluffy!- Listening to a podcast or fun playl...
Hi A few things about me: Im 36 and I live in Chicago with my husband and dog, Luna I am currently cooking my way through my Nanas recipe book - and taking you all along for the ride! If you like Italian food, scroll back a few reels and check out her bolognese sauce I am only 52 so I try to p...
Were on day 3 of this extreme cold front and I thought it was time to share how I typically dress to stay warm when its brutally cold out there you know, besides just staying inside Comment LAYERS and Ill send you the links to everything Im wearing! Do you have a different formula? Share your tip...
Many of you already know this, but after my Nana passed last year, I was able to take a few binders of recipes home with me. Most of them are from a cooking class she took with a few family favorites mixed in too.So instead of just making recipes here and there, a 2024 goal of mine is to try at l...