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Oldie but goldie #catsbelike #lifewithcats #illustration #painting #lanonette
Hilma af Klint Hilma af Klint (18621944) was a pioneer of art that made the invisible visible. By 1906, she had developed an abstract imagery, several years before Kandinsky and others who are considered the pioneers of abstract art.Today I got to see her work in real life and it was stunning. No...
Printed Sealed Delivered Im yours!With much love I print and pack your orders Ive almost made 2000 sales which seems crazy to me! All prints are printed on demand by yours truly to avoid dead stock and thus waste. Did you know that all my goods are made with sustainably at the forefront? #ets...
Tis the season #snoteverywhere #illustration #womenwhodraw #momlife #parentlife #relatable #comic
Begin 2024 gelijk goed met deze knaller van een workshop! Welkom bij Droominterieur Illustreren: het lege canvas overwinnen een unieke workshop die is ontworpen voor iedereen die zich afgeschrikt voelt om beeldvullende illustraties te maken, maar dit wel graag zou willen leren.Om regels succesvol...
Ive made a free downloadable poster. Print it as many times as you like. Spread it, take it to rallies, hang it in your window, give it to a stranger Link in bio# #peacenow #ceasefirenow #freepalestine #freeposter #illustration #lanonette
Schilder je mee komende zondag? Nog een paar plekjes beschikbaar! Meer info #creatief #illustrerenkunjeleren #illustratieworkshop #lanonetteschool
Purrrry Christmas! These cuties are now available in my shop. Nice and big (A5), printed on environmental friendly paper. Comes with envelope Etsy is having a little sale today, get 5,00 off with the code CYBER5 #cybermonday #etsyshop #christmascard #catlovers #illustration #smallbusiness #susta...
Workshop Procreate Illustrative Flow 25/11 & 02/12Leer organisch digitaal illustreren van iemand die digitaal illustreren voorheen heel stom vond: ik! Ik deel mijn process, favoriete tools, handige tips en tricks & meer! Aanmelden kan via link in bio!#procreate #procreateart #procreatereel #proc...
Purry Christmas! Am I early to the Christmas party? Maybe? Did I just want en excuse to draw a cat? Most definitely! Cats are so fun to draw, with their fluff and little personalities. If you want to draw something but dont know what.. may I suggest a cat?? I was thinking about making her a Chr...
#ceasefirenow and let humanitarian aid into Gaza. Stop the madness.(For my own mental health Ive decided to not allow comments on this post. Before I post anything you can bet your that Ive done a lot of research about the topic and in this case Ive also listened to what my (queer) Jewish, Israe...
Animeren in Procreate! Tover elke illustratie om in een illustratie met de volgende stappen.-Zet Animation assist aan-Elke nieuwe laag is nu een animatielaag-Tik beneden op je animatielaag om snelheid en lengte aan te passen-Speel met de settings tot je tevreden bent met het resultaat -Sla op als...