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our infertility story
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Looking for things to do in New York City
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this is true love
a special year
2023 was the year of travel, healing, Taylor Swift, family, and many many many many 0.5 photo arms
if it takes me 20 min to find what to preheat my oven.. Im out Im sorry
Not Pregnant a poem by me Every time I read this, I physically feel the emotions in each line. First the disbelief, then the sorrow, then the anger and hardening of my heart. But then Revelation. Joy. Peace. Hope. I have wrestled with all of these emotions and more over the last two years. God ha...
its Bernies bow tie for me!!! 2023 family photos pics by my best friend @abbybekah
a lil Monday morning blowout
barely an important football person
my day was great, thanks
you are everything & more andrew knell!! happy birthday
would you love me if I woke up with no teeth?
thoughts + prayers to sports fan wives