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I accidentally made eye contact with him. Now were basically married. ....Do you remember your first crush? Tell me Tell me!! ..cc: This is your sign to take that first step. What do you have to lose? vd: A funny Shihpoo dog joking about how all the boys run away from her.
You are the Turtle package. ..Are you shellebrating Earth Day? .If you live in or near a coastal community, join us in protecting the habitat of Sea Turtles. Here are some ideas of how you can help! * Reduce marine debris that may entangle or be accidentally eaten by sea turtles.* Participate in...
Thanks for celebrating my 10th Birthday with me! Truly, every Daisy is better because of you!
St. Patricks Day can actually last 4 or 5 days if you do it right. ..Or if you do it wrong.. ..Happy St. Patricks Day to those who celebrate!
I dont always look back, but when I do its to check out my enormous fluffy booty. ..Anyway, mom said that thick chicks are Magically Delicious.
In my Lucky Era. ...You wanna know if Im Irish? Not yet, but I will beIn a few beers.
I promise to do a better job at hiding how much you annoy me.
No. I didnt text you. Margarita did...This is a throwback to my wild college days. Im a furry different doggo now. Happy National Margarita Day!..Tag a friend who definitely needs a Margarita right now.
Let me stop you right now. I dont approve of Political Jokes.Ive seen too many of them get elected. ..Did I say that out loud? ..Happy Pawresidents Day!Vote for me in the next Pawlection and I will let all Dog Moms and Dads work from home.
Im so committed to this relationship that Ive already started letting myself go...Every Valentines Day, I nap and snack and nap again, and when I wake up, I say to myself Pass the cake gorgeous. What do you do?
As long as you keep loving me, I can keep hiding my Crazy.
Sometimes when it gets real bad, I take something for it. ...Hey Besties! I took a little break but I missed you so much! Whats new with you?