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If big tech is going to steal our intellectual property, we might as well try our hardest to subvert their value systems. Why does this matter? Because AI/large language models will be used in writing policy, press releases, war, diplomatic negotiations, course syllabi, lesson plans, news stories...
Pls go to TT and interact with this video there because IG doesnt let me monetize the same way. My handle is @kingavriel there too. Im only posting this here to let you know what Im doing over on the other app.I look tired because I am very tired, and also very grateful to my family for coming to...
OFFSITE JUNE 3RD WORKSHOP: AN ABOLITIONIST APPROACH TO A.I.PATRISSE CULLORS & DR. AVRIEL EPPSREPARATIONS CLUB X NORBLACK NORWHITEWHO & WHAT: Join Dr. Avriel Epps and Patrisse Cullors in a transformative workshop to celebrate the paperback release of Cullors AN ABOLITIONIST HANDBOOK: 12 STEPS TO C...
I always want to challenge STEM supremacy when I hear it this idea that STEM fields are better and more important, so we need to be investing in them more even at the cost of the humanities and social sciences. Marginalized communities deserve to be supported in their pursuit to have more seats ...
Kenny speaks for the culture.
Language shapes the way we think and behave and bigoted predictive language models reinforce and could even exacerbate harmful ways of thinking and behaving. This needs to be addressed asap @apple @apples4ceasefire @notechforapartheid If you try to argue with me about how racist stereotypes promo...
Did you know you can opt out of facial recognition and biometric data collection at security check points, like airport TSA? Most people dont even know this is an option, but it is and it is simple to ask for. Challenging surveillance culture when you can and building a culture of consent for dat...
Repost from @taniasafiHundreds of people are about to board @gazafreedomflotilla and deliver urgent humanitarian relief to Gaza. We need you to watch this space, follow the accounts and share these videos! The more people watching this non-violent humanitarian effort, the safer the participants o...
What are we going to do now that proof of harm or wrongdoing can be generated at a click of a button? We cant survive this new era were entering with our current culture of punishment and carcerality. As always, women, girls, and BIPOC are going to be harmed the most by deepfakes. We need new sys...
CALLING ALL LIBRARY GROWNUPS AND LIBRARY KIDS WHO CARE ABOUT AI JUSTICE!Im partnering with @aloudla to bring @encodejustice @drbrendesha @sneha.revanur and @kashyaprajesh27 to the Los Angeles Central Library stage to talk about youth and AI as part of a multi-event series on artificial intelligen...
Source: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2401.03408.pdfNote that this study is not yet peer reviewed, as far as I can tell, but their data and code are publicly available.
Its almost like they dont want to regulate tech. Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2024/03/06/nist-ai-safety-lab-decaying/