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As we embark fully on 2024 I pray that you and your families will be prosperous and progressive! May Gods favor remain with you and may you find the strenght and courage to accomplish all you didnt last year! Cheers to long life, good health, wealth, peace, happiness, love & light! #heresto2024 ...
Happy holidays everyone! I hope youre all enjoying this Yuletide season with family, good friends, food, loads of fun & frolick! May the Christmas spirit remain throughout your homes and into the new year! Merry Christmas from my home to yours; were feelin the #TheHolidaySmith! PJs by @target #ta...
A year ago our Twins were dedicated to and before God, together with us & their 8 God-Parents. Throughout my pregnancy I prayed daily for children that would be happy, healthy, wealthy, smart and well-cared for and as I reflect on the prayer over them by Bishop Lewis, I cant thank God enough for ...
Pulling out the archives for yall cause hello, you already know what season it is and this sweet stretchy body suit is what Im most excited about from one of my most recent @fashionnova hauls! A white top is a must have, but when designed with a single strap shoulder & paired with a sleek silver ...
Happy Fathers Day to my G and the GrandEST Dad ever! Our relationship means the world to me Mr. Mitchell. One Braffing King, yere?!
To a man that Ive admired from the very get-go just based on how he goes hard for his kids, today I truly salute you Sarge. Patience is truly a virtue cause when I say our pregnancy experience wore him thin (no pun intended!), it did but he remained solid. He missed ZEROOOOOOOOO appointments! He...
This journey is by far the most challenging but rewarding one Ive been on, because for one, it came with twice the hurdles but twice the love From getting the shocking news of expecting twins to watching and feeling them grow daily was nothing short of a rugged love story. They got me big to the ...
Lifes poppin! Lifes Gucci! Took myself push presents shopping @ #Gucci #welltechnicallynotpush #butipushedthru #ifyaknowwhatimean #twinspp #csectionmama #bgtwinmom #fyp #fyp #viralreels #twinfluencer #twinflame #explorepage #reelsinstagram #reels
#MommyChallenge #reelsinstagram #reels #twinreels #twins #twinstagram #boygirltwins |
Happy #9Months to my most favorite duo ever; Lil Miss & Mister mimick everything you say and do Regal & Royal, our blessed & beautiful #TwinSmithuation! The twins were captured at 6 months here by the beautiful and talented @ashleykahliyahphotography, the best at her craft! If youre in So-Flo or ...
@target has the cutest coziest sweaters, theres no doubt about that! Yes my tree is still up, and yes Im still wearing my Christmas sweater, its still cold out. Cheers! targetstyle #targetfashion#amazonwigs #amazonwigteviewer #wigreviewer #wigreels #wiginstall #wiglife #wigslayer #wigunit #stella...
Last year we doubled the blessing and we doubled the fun! Now that were out of 2022; cheers to a new season!