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Happy almost Friday! The sunshine came out for a few hours again yesterday, which was glorious! If it could just make itself comfortable and stick around for a while longer, it would be most welcome!All my content for Elodies bedroom was sent off to the brand for approval this week, so Im hoping...
When it comes to hacks, Im all about the easier the better and this is honestly so easy a child could do it! I made this two years ago and its still going strong today. It looks so much neater than leaving out lots of different packets of tea, but still has all the convenience of having everythin...
Hasnt the sunshine been glorious?! I really hope it stays Heres a run down of whats included in the carousel because its quite a random assortment!1) A corner of the living room 2) A clip of the pantry3) Unpacking new bits for Elodies bedroom 4) Bath time 5) Sinkie 6) Baby hydrangea7) Look how ...
I appreciate that the goal of a home isnt to make it look more expensive, but as I have champagne tastes on a Lemonade budget, Im happy to take small wins where I can! Here are a few ways I like to make our home look more expensive than it really is. 1) DIY coving is easy to fit once you get the ...
Photos from this Week Struggling to come up with a caption this morning because OMG has hayfever season kicked in or what!?I feel like Ive been dug up and had onions r in my eyes this morning!! #homedecor #homedesign #homestyling #interiordesign #livingroomdecor #homedecorideas
Do painted kitchens chip?The short answer is yes, but the longer answer is that it really doesnt matter because its so easy to touch any chips up when needed. Would I prefer it if they didnt, of course, but I love the fact that I know I can repaint this kitchen any colour I like when I fancy a ch...
Now that our house is almost finished, I feel like Im getting itchy feet and could be ready to take on another project. Is this complete madness and would I regret throwing us knee deep into another renovation? #housetour #homedecor #homedesign #homedecoration #homedecorideas #interiordesign
Ive never done a full house tour on here before because Ive never been able to get the house fully decorated or tidy from top to bottom, so I thought why it just show you what it looks like on an average day. The upstairs is by far the least organised or finished parts of the home, but were star...
ad After a considerable amount of back and forth on colour, I settled on a gorgeous green called Uulwatu by @grahamandbrown and Im so pleased I went for it.I was unsure if it would make the room a little dark, but it feels remarkably lighter than the previous yellow and Im just so happy with it.T...
If only every room looked as tidy as my reels make them look. That would be the dream! I hope youre all having a lovely week! I feel like its flying by already! #homedecor #homedesign #homedecoration #interiordesign #interiordesignideas #homedecorideas
ad I wish Instagram had smell-a-vision because you need to smell how gorgeous the new Tonka Bean and Neroli scent from @baylisandhardingplc is! Tonka is one of my all time favourite scents, Ive worn it in my perfume for years and the scent of this body wash did not disappoint. Its deliciously ric...
In my element on days like these tbqh.I hope youve al had a lovely weekend in the sunshine and well done to all the marathon runners today! What a lovely weekend you had for it! #homedecor #kitchendesign #kitchen #kitchendecor #homedesignideas #interiordecor