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LEAU KENZO Sunlight for Him, a radiant wave of youthfulness and color. With citrus and aquatic notes, this new Eau de Toilette reveals large Lotus leaves enclosing a sun-drenched Brazilian mandarin. These two signature ingredients are surrounded by violet leaves on a base of cedar wood. #KENZO #K...
New fresh and colorful duo, LEAU KENZO Sunlight Limited Edition. More than twenty years after the release of the first L'EAU KENZO, @oliviercresp reinterprets his iconic creations with two new aquatic and citrus fragrances.#KENZO #KENZOParfums #LEAUKENZO
LEAU KENZO Sunlight for Her, a new fresh and joyful olfaction. This new Eau de Toilette is signed by a generous bouquet of Lotus Flowers. It is raised by light notes of lemon resting on a bottom of cedar wood. The soft, velvety notes of Osmanthus flowers convey the Japanese origins of the fragran...
Inspired by the sensuality of skin emerging from the ocean, fresh and full of salt, KENZO HOMME Eau de Toilette Marine will transport you to a place of letting go and escape. #KENZO #KENZOParfums #KENZOHOMME #KENZOHOMMEEAUMARINE
A hint of summer inspired by the freshness of salt water. A combination of calypsone, ylang-ylang, sandalwood and white musks reminiscent of a sunny and salty summer day.KENZO HOMME Eau Marine, the new Eau de Toilette. #KENZO #KENZOParfums #KENZOHOMME #KENZOHOMMEEAUMARINE
Discover the new KENZO HOMME Eau Marine. A solar marine Eau de Toilette encapsulated in a translucent blue-green bottle inspired by the color of the sea merging with the horizon.#KENZO #KENZOParfums #KENZOHOMME #KENZOHOMMEEAUMARINE
Through the new KENZO HOMME Eau Marine edition, KENZO Parfums continues to support the @bambooubali project of @orinhardy, ambassador and face of KENZO HOMME. #KENZO #KENZOParfums #KENZOHOMME #KENZOHOMMEEAUMARINE
KENZO HOMME Eau de Toilette Marine, a new responsible fragrance as a symbol of a new masculinity: strong, authentic and committed.#KENZO #KENZOParfums #KENZOHOMME #KENZOHOMMEEAUMARINE
Discover KENZO HOMME Eau Marine: the new marine, solar and woody Eau de Toilette.The sensuality of skin emerging from the ocean, fresh and wonderfully salted. For this new opus, I associated the freshness of calypsone, a salty marine note, with precious woods like sandalwood explains the perfumer...
The new FLOWER IKEBANA BY KENZO is at the cutting-edge of our sustainability approach. A glass bottle and cap composed of 15% recycled material, a packaging and its components fully made in France and more than 90% of natural derived ingredients.KENZO Parfums, for a beautiful world. *Post-consume...
Which flower are you? A poppy with FLOWER BY KENZO LAbsolue or a sakura with the new FLOWER IKEBANA BY KENZO? #FLOWERIKEBANA #FLOWERLABSOLUE #FLOWERBYKENZO #KENZOParfums #KENZO