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September 29 2024
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Back workout + 30km solo long run. No company, no music, just me, myself, my thoughts, and a few elites along the way (some still flexed and ran off before I could whip out my camera e.g. @gordonlwx )It was so hot I had to get the Merlion to give me a bath. #RoadtoBerlin #RoadtoNYC #marathon #mar...
Celebrating New Balance's running heritage in conjunction with New Balance Grey Days. Grey has its roots in running. It was originally conceived in the 1980s as the perfect complement to the concrete and asphalt backdrop of urban road running. New Balance has a pop up at Ion Orchard B4 till this ...
Another step closer. Chest workout + 27km long easy run to build the aerobic base.Training for a marathon isn't just about the physical miles, it's about mental toughness and pushing your limits. For me, the tough part it's also about balancing training, family, work, life, gym workouts and stren...
Official race photos from @2xurun 23rd position for the 10km cat, but 1st place overall for shirtless dudes. The road towards Berlin and NYC continues... Planned to work on speedy 5/10km races for the first 4 months of the year, before transitioning to half marathon/marathon stuff for the rest o...
The Skechers Friendship Walk is back again this year on 8 June at Sports Hub! Choose between the 10km run, or the 4km fun walk. All registered participants will receive an exclusive event pack including event t-shirt, bag, discount vouchers, and you may even win a year's supply of Skechers footwe...
Productive Saturday morning. Started with a 4am gym session at @gofitcityhall , before meeting @cheryltaysg and @dadtokeepfit for a 13km tempo run at 5am, Followed by a 12km run with #TeamBMWGroupAsia at 630am. Ending off with a 2h cycling session with Julian and @faustinatheelf at ECP. All of us...
Spot someone topless? Had a delicious steamed seafood hotpot lunch at @siongtonggai313somerset who are famous for their steamed fish in super flavorful broth. We had the steamed three treasure which comes with a whole fish, prawns, clams, and squid. The fish was very tender, and the soup extremel...
Just another day on the roads Swipe to see me --> 20 years ago, 20kg lighter Might not be as fast as I was last time, but definitely stronger, fitter, healthier, less injury prone, and more all-rounded. : @timmytrio ....#2xu #2xurun #2xurun2024 #10km #race #fit #fitness m #hiit #cardio #aesthetic...
Danang beaches hit different Looking forward to our next trip in June. Where are we going? #throwback #Danang #Hoian #vietnam #RunDanang #madeithappen #DNIM2024
Ive been using the Vantelin Ankle Support. It helps to prevent joint discomfort, to protect from strains, and provide stability to the ankles. It also serves as a taping structure, without the need for actual tape. Personally, as a heavier person, when I am going about my daily activities/exercis...
<2XU Run 2024 - 10km>9.83km in 39'33 , 4'01/km average pace The goal this race was to enjoy the run, and take it as a build up for marathon prep. At the same time, was silently hoping to do a sub 40min for 10km. The route was short though, which was disappointing. Was doing beautiful even splits ...
6th place in a flat and very windy 10.3km course with an official time of 41'31 Ran solo from 2km onwards, with 16 year old speedster @khdvinny about 15s ahead. Btw, he only trains once a week?! Imagine the potential he has! Crossed 5km in 19'45 on my G...