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Yesterday I vowed for this to be my last stop. So many years ago I dreamt of being with this man. I went through so many heart breaks, so many trials, climbed up so many mountains, swam through so many storms BUT I finally got my rainbow that God promised. 2/2/24 was one of the happiest days of m...
Its insane how in just ONE year your life can completely change. From an abusive relationship to finding the love of my life 17 years I have known this man, and last night he asked me to be his forever home. The love and Grace this man has shown me is indescribable. God truly answers prayers and...
She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.-Proverbs 31:25
Ive been MIA here. Heres my insignificant postJust saying hi. Heres a not so selfie with me and my brothie @lukefranchina -Swipe to see our THEN and NOW.3rd pic is 9 years ago and now. Its so funny having a famous brother let me tell you Im excited to see how much he will grow though. We are jus...
What percentile are you in? #motivation #realaf #entrepreneur #noexcuses #0to100 #hustlehard #hardwork #imjustgettingstarted
TrUsT tHe pLaN #conspiracytheory #gas #ukraine #russia #tesla #electriccar #gasprices #inflation
Exercising my second amendment I love living in #America the land of the FREE Swipe to watch videos of my shooting and listen to the funny commentary #girlswhoshoot #girlsnguns #freedom #gunsgunsguns #shootingrange #secondamendment #merica
Selfies feel so weird now a days. So heres a picture of me and the strongest woman I know. My momma !!!! She has helped shape me into the woman I have become and am proud of. Dont know what I would do without her. #mamasgirl #mum #momndaughter
Hi. Im alive.
So excited to be releasing a new Orgonite design soon !!!!!Go follow my business page @kats_krystal_shop for more !
Proud self moment Man oh man it has been one wild year for me. Through all the ups and downs, God continues to bless me.I am so so thankful for the creativity and artistic imagination God has instilled in me. Just when I think Ive reached my peek, I climb that creative mountain a little further....
In the midst of all the chaos take a moment to breathe in, and breathe out.Take another moment to be grateful that you are alive and get to experience life another day.No matter who gets elected president, Jesus is still King.I dont think any of us know what His plan is, but it doesnt matter beca...