Katherine Wranovich

A liminal state between constant reverie and abjection
All photos taken by me
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Deadly detailed Jewellery with a dark dreamy twist Innovating game changing jewellery design since 2009 Worldwide Shipping SHOP
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I never talk about my mental health and/or personal problems on social media, mainly because I want to contribute to make it a space for escapism; to dream beyond and forget about the sordid reality of this world. But I thought its important to speak up about whats been happening to me since a fe...
Wrapped in plastic..Leather arms warmers from @adelle.leather.fashion
...FX heart by @dreammoulderstudio
They were elves once, taken by the dark powers, tortured and mutilated. A ruined and terrible form of life...~Top from @rohstoff_~Leg braces made by me.
Video filmed and edited by me.
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..Antiques from @das.spezifikum Vintage munmified bat from @curios_le_panier Ring from @regalrose
..Sneak peek of my gorgeous leather armour by @faunforge
The Shadow Does Not Hold Sway Yet. ..Corset by @borb4la Skirt by @blackcirkus @nakedino
...Corset by @borb4la Skirt by @blackcirkusVideo shot by my love @nakedino