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How do you spell that?
We all now know Obama built the cages and Trump never generalized all Mexicans right? #reels #noneofitstrue
Cause Im a brat!And I know everything and I talk back.Anyone else? #rockerfoo #millenial
This entire video clip on @pbd.podcast is 4 minutes long. What has happened since these clips originally aired?* AstraZeneca withdrew vaccines after admitting it can cause rare blood clots.* CDC admits to association between vaccine and myocarditis, specifically in young men.* Fauci admits there ...
This changes nothing. #Trump2024
To be fair I dont recall any VP leaving a lasting impression on me but her biggest let down for me was the handling of the border. Biden made a big deal about putting her in charge of the border crisis. All she did was get snarky with a Latina reporter when being pressed about the fact she had ye...
Democrats doing everything but serve the American people in hopes of winning this election. They know Biden has been an absolute disaster for this country. Trump 2024 #meme #memecut #capcut #reels #reelsvideo #explorepage
Today we celebrate the resurrection of the one true living God who was crucified for our sake. There is no greater news or greater love than this.For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.John 3:16#HEISRISEN #...
What I find interesting about this is when Biden wants to increase immigration fees its ok but when Republicans do it they call it racist. Whats also disturbing is increasing these fees while we watch thousands of illegal immigrants cross our borders everyday and many of them will receive governm...
One of my favorite speeches at @turningpointusa America Fest So awesome finally seeing one of my favorite actors come out in full force against the liberal media. I love how @iamrobschneider said you know you must be on the right track when theyre attacking you for putting God first.And yes he st...
A real tree? IN THIS ECONOMY??
@shaneyyricch videos got me going crazy out here!