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An attempt at celebrating myself without cringing deeply because this was really the most special day with my family receiving The @hollywoodreporter Women in Entertainment Breakthrough Award in my hometown. Some highlights starting with a male photographer telling me to smile, my fav photo of gr...
Dedicated to mom & grandma <3Endlessly thankful to The @hollywoodreporter Women in Entertainment Canada for this profound gift of feeling seen. My favourite human feeling.
Laugh cried a lot. @smithsonprime now! (directed ep 3 & 5)
@smithsonprime out now (directed ep 3 & 5)
Sometimes you just need a little extra...something to go there. Mr. & Mrs. Smith debuts in 2 weeks, on @PrimeVideo.
New new from @f__sloane @donaldglover & @mayaerskine and a ginormous list of supremely talented people I really liked working with. Like really, really!
anyways, the oppressed will rise free Palestine, free Sudan, free Yemen, free Artsakh, free Congo, free Syria, free Tibet, free Tigray, free Ukraine, free West Papua, free Rohingya the list goes on as Im sure ignorance proceeds me too.
28 now. Although, I think Ive only just fully opened my eyes. Is this about the age it happens or am I late to the party??Anyways, here now. Alive. Connected. Thankful. Love.
Sending love Feb 2@f__sloane @donaldglover @mayaerskine @casprenger @stephenmurphybsc @muraihiro @suckafish1102 @stateless.g @ericpasc @codatron @brend1485 @mfyuchs @hoylecd @stephenpope @taramacken @katebrokaw @k_._dubbs @carmencsts @skypaps @steve_g_lover @rebecca.rajadnya @claudiostunt @jai.f...
@adidasoriginals asked me what being original means to me It made me think of a stranger I met in passing this weekend who shared his process of self-love. Everyday I try to return to home base, he said. Such a profound thought. Maybe theres nothing more truly original than to love yourself? To t...
Thankful for visibility Shot by @sage.east for @adidasoriginals #1000Originals #createdwithadidas