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Styling some of my recent pick ups from @representclo
Which do you prefer? #india #reels #indian #kurta #reelsindia
Bring on 2024, this is only the beginning.. Currently training 6 days a week with one rest day. Eating in a slight surplus and starting to put on some good size Remember, a good pump, lighting and angles does wonders, I definitely dont look like this just walking around lol. Maybe one day.. Lov...
Falling in love with the gym again Ive been to the gym on/off for years now but have never managed to give it 100% until these last two months. 6kg up already. Something about pushing your body to its limits & seeing progress is so rewarding. Its a process, but I love it Nowhere near where I w...
Iceland had some big waterfalls I got absolutely soaked filming this Enjoyed making this little montage though, got to use my drone too Definitely going to create more content like this when I travel next thank you to @byicelandia for taking me on this tour!
merry christmas!
exploring greece
Happy Diwali
Happy Diwali
winter fit secured >> let me know what u think! @representclo
What should I try next? Indian/English guy tries Indian sweets part 3
What should I try next? Indian/English guy tries Indian sweets part 2