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We live off of water sunshine and mascara here
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Im going to do whatever I want to I dont even know why I ask anyone. #beauty #filler #juvedermultra #glamup
Yall life is too short sometimes we have to just laugh at the situation in hand. Humor in the best healer! #funny #humor
when are going to Miami @justbeth____ ?! #mafs #mafsdivorce #happilydivorced #sippingmimosas
I changed my hair today! Thank you @balayagegirl for making me feel so special today and this hair color is fire!!!! #hairtransformation #charlottehair
Honestly if we cant laugh at ourselves what are we even doing here. Happy Birthday @claraberghaus !!!!!
Would you take a dollar over 2023? I want only honest answers . I will go first. Yes definitely maybe. #funny #humor #cute
Definitely my healing era but can we just talk about this song for a moment. If this wasnt on your burned cd for morning high school mix did you even do it right.
My pop girlies and boys where are yall at! This week has been the most for us. We got the book of all books released this week and the 1989 Taylors version all in the same week. How did we deserve all of this. Im loving this revenge era for both of our girlies! Who has already listened to 1989 TV...
Ok so who has read the Britney book. If so what where your opinions? I honestly just hope she is surrounded by people who love her and want the best for her. I grew up listening to Britney Spears, she inspired me in so many ways when I was younger. Everyone deserves to have their story told. I al...
This is your reminder to take that trip with your best friends. I had the best time with mine in DC this weekend. Over 9 years of making tables at restaurants move because we laugh too hard at dinners and I have no shame. Good friends are hard to find so hang on to the special ones extra tight. I...
Yup, this was my morning. A win is a win and at least I got my work out in. Pee pants or not. Also this is your reminder working out on colored apparel, the cons are unhinged and why does no one speak about this. Has this happened to anyone else?
#SturPartner Click my link in bio and use my code beth25 to get 25% off your Stur order! I hope you enjoy my life changing recipe.