Juan Sebastian Agudelo

In Constant Pursuit of Happiness
Fútbol • Investor • Colombian 🇨🇴
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14 times European Champions
FIFA Best Club of the 20th Century
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Stay Present. Namast.Back to work tomorrow.
Bringing a wealth of experience to San Antonio San Antonio FC has signed striker Juan Agudelo, pending league and federation approval.
Happy B Day to me Feeling young but they treat me like the o.g
Uy con trabajar duro que lindo es la vida
People only see the highlights, they dont see the work leading up to it, or what youve been lifting in the gym or pushing in practice, only my consciousness and my teammates do, and Im cool with that. I can say this is one of the hardest years Ive worked behind closed doors, its Liberating givin...
Oct. 7 #clothing #ad #futbol #music #drake #sony #cinematography #cinematic #sigma #voycenow #ryokorain
Me acostumbre al sour ya no patea, multiplicar cienes en la cartera, es la tarea, si me lo creas, yo soy el cacique en tu propia aldea Dont press translate.. basically , presence of humble confidence kills the room and engages success.
New #FreshLinens
I understand now #milano : @madcreat1ve
GameDay in Vegas
#Summer Day . You are alive against stupendous odds, the chances of your existence is extremely slim - whoever needs to hear this, enjoy life, theres billions of planets on fire or frozen and you just happen to be in one thats the perfect temperature. Smile fam, you get to live, you were given ...