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We are teaming up with @jtorresbjj and @legacymaconsulting for a game-changing collaboration that will revolutionize your Martial Arts AcademyHeres a rundown of the Summit Learn to maximize end-of-year revenue with Nick Castiglia, author of BJJ Fanatics Black Friday Crusher Course Boost your ret...
Its always important to take a second to appreciate and give gratitude. Grateful for the all the life lessons and experiences. Constantly learning , growing and achieving .
34 Years old today! Feeling truly blessed and thankful As the years pass by I grow to appreciate more and more all the amazing experiences, memories and achievements I have made! Crazy to think I have been competing at black belt since I was 19 years old and Im still here doing my thing! So prou...
Silver today at @ibjjf Master Worlds. 6 matches today and in the final I met my teammate and good friend @lierajr We had an awesome match and He ended up winning! Bittersweet of course I always want to win but if there is someone who I want to win its @lierajr! Proud of you man, great performanc...
Whatever comes my way, I address it with a willingness to learn, to grow, and to bring a leadership that can inspire others to do the same.
Master worlds this Thursday Excited for the @EssentialBJJ Team and myself to do our thing out in Vegas Lets goooo @tatamifightwear @essentialbjj
Super clean The Tatami Pro range, available in 2 colourways - White on black or black on black. A classic @jtorresbjj #tatamifightwear #jiujitsu #grappling
On deck @jtorresbjj if you havent already, mark your calendars folks! This is one you CAN NOT MISS.
HARD WORK WORKS THE MASTER WORLD CAMP WAS Everyone put in some serious work the past three days, thank you to everyone that came out, lets crush it in Vegas !
Ready for the World Masters, love seeing everyone from all walks of life coming together to prepare ! #worldmasters
Kouchi Gari -> Chin Strap -> either we inside trip or opponent pulls guard -> force to half with chin strap -> windshield wiping -> hip switching -> side control one of my Favorite sequences Great time sparring @crownbjj
JT finally reveals the key to better cardio for jiu-jitsu