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English Teacher. What a band. Giving me so much faith in the future of music. Theyre the full package. The songwriting is fantastic and theyre excellent musicians and performers. Theyre also extraordinarily lovely. I remember when it used to be v uncool to be nice and friendly - thank god those d...
Looking forward to being with you this Easter Monday evening! Its a Shiny Happy All Request soundtrack so what can I play for you?! Let me know your favourite cool cuts/monster tunes so we can give you a fun kitchen/car/shed disco @BBCRadio2 7pm tonight Ps. Thanks @simonjohnowen for the nice pic...
Lookee here! Id love you to listen to tonights show @bbcradio2 and enjoy our session with @castbandofficial Theyre on such great form - so much fun banter, a glance back at the past with a couple of classic tracks and a look to the future with something new from their album Love is the Call. Toni...
Ive been keeping excellent company over the past few days. Ive also been the receiver of some great artThanks to Jake @sassaloush for my lovely portrait and for coming to my 90s Anthems show in Southsea and dancing your socks off with everyone else. Lovely to meet you and your fab sister and Mum...
Hi! Join me and @jackantonoff as he takes us on a Roadtrip tonight on the @bbcradio2 show at 8pm.Listen on @bbcsounds to find out where Jack chooses to take us.. how we travel and what we listen to on the car stereo as we wend our way #injackantonoffwetrustBlue scrubs by @ymclondon from @diversec...
Crystal Fighters joined Jo Whiley last night for a Sofa Session, including tracks from their new album LIGHT+. Listen to the full session on BBC Sounds
A smorgasbord of brilliant talent in a few snapshots. All of these artists have played or guested on our @bbcradio2 show in recent weeks. Were there for you every evening in the week as you wind down/crack on/potter around. Always a pleasure try to play the best new music and lots of much loved c...
#AD Its been fascinating talking to people whove discovered they have high cholesterol and the steps theyve taken to tackle to it. You can hear our conversations about their personal journeys by clicking the link in my bio. I learnt that one bottle of this yoghurt drink with added plant stanols a...
When @bethditto couldnt understand @jowhileys handwriting Listen back to their full convo over on the @bbcsounds app!
Its Frankie Valli like youve never heard him before Yard Acts Sofa Session for Jo is available now BBC Sounds!
Glasgow. You were a sight and sound to behold tonight. Magnificent. Thank you all so much for coming out to play. I hope your heads and legs dont hurt too much tomorrow morning - and if they do, just remember it was worth it!@90santhems
Edinburgh. I love you. THAT was a sensational night. You were the happiest, loudest, smiliest crowd - such a privilege to spend my Friday night with you. More and more it feels like these gigs are all about remembering how fantastic it is to be out out with your best oldest (!) friends and celebr...