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Its another Monday. Another chance to work towards your goals. If things are going great then keep that work rate high and build that momentum. If things are tough then just keep moving forwards, one step at a time, something is always better than nothing. And always rememberNEVER GIVE UP#Viking ...
Ive not made many posts or updates lately due to the monotonous and relentless nature of the offseason so heres one for anyone to interested. Currently sitting between 350-352lbs and the general feeling is uncomfortable (to say the least). My body is feeling pretty beaten up and if Im not working...
Charles Bukowski- Roll The Dice If youve been to @tbjpxshedofficial then youll recognise these words from the gym wall. Do it, all the way @samgeorgemedia
The @tbjpxshedofficial opening day on Sunday was such a high energy, motivating, and fantastic day!@hollingshead89 and @trainedbyjp (alongside their partners @janickesophie and @cai57 ) have created an amazing training facility and it was great to experience the fruition of all their hard work Th...
I might be in desperate need of a haircut but heres some friendly advice to help you grow! More to come on todays YT which is out at 7pm (link in bio). #Viking #Offseason #ROM #Grow @samgeorgemedia
A summary of the weeks training. Bodyweight hit 349lbs this morning and I am now pretty useless outside of these 2 hours in the gym. For now Ill accept feeling like this. A necessary evil of hitting new bodyweights. #Viking #OffSeason #HeavyAF
Have you made a positive start to 2024?Tomorrow will always be there, but what you do today is what really matters. Make it happen. Its all on you. No one can do it for you. #ExcusesOrResults #DoTheWork #YouVsYou #WalkWithTheStrong
Wolfie wishes you all a wonderful weekend! Such a photogenic boy captured by @samgeorgemedia P.S. if this doesnt become the most liked picture on my Instagram then there is something wrong with the world #MyBaby #Pomeranian #PetsOfInstagram
Up this evening a day in the life video! Covering all aspects of my daily routine and what it takes for me to do what I do. Head over to my YT and let me know what you think! #Viking #DayInTheLife #Bodybuilder #IFBBPro
* the picture allows me to say something deep like turning my back on 2023 *2023 has been a very good year. Big life goals achieved. Great memories made. Valuable lessons learned. I wish you all a happy new year!Bring on 2024! Lots to look forward to! #NewYear #2024 #MoreGoals #MoreProgress
Back from a wonderful few days with Mum and Dad Total rest and relaxation, good food, and the best company. Now sights turn to 2024 and all it holds..#Family #DownTime #Love
A question I often get asked: How much do you eat? Well tune in to my YouTube at 7pm to find out! #Offseason #DayOfEating