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September means hunting season is finally here! Bring on the cool mornings, the bugling elk and the velvet whitetail! We are headed to Nebraska tomorrow for our first trip of the season. Lets go!!!#BuckCommander
Wow! A WILD hen?!Flashback to this spring when we noticed a unique hen in the yard that wasnt one of our pet turkeys. This was a WILD hen! Where we live in Louisiana I have yet to see a wild turkey within a 30 mile radius of our house so this was a surprise to us.She showed up a couple days in a ...
Our oldest son Rhett is headed to HIGH SCHOOL next week. Wow.Man, how time flies. It seems like yesterday we were dropping him off for his first day at pre-school I am incredibly proud of the young man he has become. The Lord has blessed him with many talents and I pray that he guards his hear...
Big things come in small packages!!! Or so they say Blue is the real OG and rules the roost at @summitt.farms #SummittFarms#Homestead #FarmLife#Chickens
I got the opportunity to join these gents on a recent episode of @duckcallroom to talk about our Sportsmans Camp we held here this summer.As a behind the scenes guy, I can tell you that these guys are genuinely some of the best people I know and Im proud to call them friends!Check out their Podca...
Take me backAnybody else having turkey season withdrawals?
Happy birthday my dancing queen @angilasummitt! You are a true gift from God - our family is blessed to have you!Heres to 39
We just wrapped another Sportsmans Camp at @campchyoca It was a great week as we got to teach kids all about the outdoors and the creator who made them.There are so many people who have poured their heart and soul into making this week possible - Thank you all! To be involved in something like t...
Being a Father is a privilege, an honor and the greatest blessing I could ever have. Nothing on this earth makes me more proud than my two boys.Thank you God and to @angilasummitt for making me a dad!
If I had to pick the best day of my life I would say it was the day I met @angilasummitt Its because of YOU that we have had multiple best days! And my favorite part is they have been spent with you! Happy Anniversary my love! 17 years with a lifetime to go!
What a season!1 Angila with her first Merriam2 Rhett with his first Alabama bird3 Slade with his first longbeardSince my boys were little I had dreamed of the day where we could all hunt together as a family.I did not have the opportunity to hunt much growing up so being able to pass my passion o...
Happy Mothers Day to my mom and my darling wife! One raised me as a child and the other took over to continue the work I love you both! Thank you for being the best moms out there!