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Always a pleasure working with my friend and talented actor @jordivilasuso Congrats on the new addition to the family brother and excited to see what life is bringing your way!#actor #photography #soapopera #jordivillasuso #portrait #theyoungandtherestless #art #portraitphotography #photooftheda...
Lucy is HOME Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the outpouring of love and every.single.prayer (!!) lifted up for our sweet baby. We are so so happy to have her home and healthy (Lord please help us keep her healthy ) and for us to be back together under one roof. I ...
This. These lyrics have been on repeat in my mind as a prayer the past few days as we watch the doctors try to wean Lucy off of the oxygen. Tuesday was rough. Yesterday was a little bit better. Prayer Request If you are up for saying a little prayer for our girl today and envisioning 1) HIGH PUL...
Happy one month (and happy due date!!!) to this little peanut !!!! Lucy had a GOOD day yesterday. And my goodness did we need a good day. Her doctors had turned down her CPAP (the pressure that shes getting oxygen) from 6 to 5 on Sunday to try to start weaning and she really struggled. She was ...
Got to hold my girl.. Jordi and I are so thankful for you all covering us in prayer and love, yet again. I know it sounds crazy, but we literally FEEL it and our family has gained so much strength from your encouragement. Our little Lucy is proving to be quite the little fighter. The biggest pr...
Ah friends.. we come to you coveting your prayers yet again. I feel like all I do is ask you all for prayers or thank you for prayers.. I suppose that is just the season were in right now. We found out Monday that Lucy had RSV and by Monday night she had been admitted to the hospital w/ difficult...
It is with overwhelming joy and the fullest of hearts that we welcome the answer to our prayers, our sweet Lucy Noelle. We have been waiting so long for you, little girl. You are something between a dream and a miracle.Thank you, beautiful friends and family, for the part you have played in this...
It looks like we are in for one more surprise before we ring in the new year! Baby girl is a bit early (35 weeks) but we are so blessed that we were able to make it this far. What a miracle! Thank you for each prayer that has been sent up for our family and we ask for one more as this little lady...
Sometimes you just have to @disneyland it swipe for lots of screaming! Definitely not the same without our mama bear, @kaitlinvilasuso but shes on bed rest for screamer #3! Love you!
Grateful for your prayers for our growing family, my friends ! Also, I know this was not easy to put out there my love, but your openness and call for prayer inspire me and I know will do the same for others! With faith and love! Sweet friends! We come to you with big, exciting news and perhaps ...
My one and only, @kaitlinvilasuso ! They say 11 is a lucky numberwell Im feeling especially lucky to have had you by my side for all these years! This year in particular has had so many things to celebrate as weve navigated this beautiful journey together! May God continue to bless us, our girls,...
My July birthday angels!!! I love you @kaitlinvilasuso and Evie with all my heart!!! You girls bring me so much joy and make this whole thing make sense!