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Can you believe in only 10 years Emilia will be 21 , and in 7 years she will be a legal adult at the beginning your childs birthday is exciting but as the years pass by its changes to a countdown clock and I am now past the half way point of the time I will get with her as my baby living at home ...
My daughters last year in primary school. She has been going to the same school for 9 years but this year she is starting year 6 and that means its her last year! It seems slow at the time, but looking back now it feels like it all passed by too fast. And way of dealing with my emotions is to cre...
My daughter is moving out of her childhood bedroom and up onto a whole floor away from us! As she is starting to enter the teenager years she needs her own space and she has shown us this summer she is ready and trustworthy to have her one space! #sacconejolys #daughter #teenagers
12 years married to my best friend we take a photo on our anniversary (1st September) every year to see the changes in our lives! I wonder what next years photo will look like #sacconejolys #wedding #anniversary @annasaccone
Its been 8 years since my last hair transplant and over the last few years as my original hair further receded I started using hair fibre, which is amazing btw! But its not water proof and having 4 kids and a love for swimming this really bothered me and I found myself starting to not want to get...
I put a giant inflatable slide in our giant pool as it was coming to the end of the summer I wanted to do something fun for the kids.. #sacconejolys #swinmingpool #summer
No matter what they do, who they marry, identify as, choose as a career or express their fashion sense I will always support them as long as they are happy #sacconejolys #family #lgbt #trans
I love the summer break, hanging out with the kids and going on adventures. But the downside is the learning loss and how that can impact the kids when they return to school. Luckily there is a solution and its FREE. Let me introduce you to AT&Ts The Achievery at The kids get...
To answer the question as to why most of my videos are with my daughter Edie. Plot twist she make me make videos with her #sacconejolys #family
How people born in different years dance #sacconejolys #family #dance
It is what it is, what it is I was happy with my 2 + 2 family but things change.. and as long as their are smiles on faces Ill roll with it, even when it might require me evolve #sacconejolys #lgbt #transgender
We have been thought 5 pregnancies. 4 births and 1 miscarriage so I think its time @annasaccone did something for herself #sacconejolys #tummytuck #mommymakeover