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Healed!! Wanted to post this tattoo the day we did it but my photos were terrible and the tattoo was really red and irritated. Thank you Sean :) such a sentimental piece, healed in time for Fathers Day made at @inkgallerynj
Starry Night made at @inkgallerynj
Thank you Elizabeth for such a fun project! Made at @inkgallerynj
Sitting on my couch trying to cope with the fact that 3 days has passed and Kendrick still hasnt dropped. I dont know how much longer I can stand it. Feeling like shit. It hurts all over. Pls Kendrick hear my cry
Another healed photo :) Brendans top rose and mandala are from 2018 (I think) with a touch up done recently and the bottom flower is almost a year old!
Healed photo of this piece from 2019. Love the way this settled in! A soft application of color is a weirdly debated topic within tattooing. While longevity is a valid and important factor in what makes a good tattoo, I find that my clients prefer a more delicate look. If done correctly, the tatt...
One of my favorite pieces from a while back!
Thank you Linda! made at @heartofheartstattooco
A tulip for Katie made at @heartofheartstattooco
For Valentina made at @inkgallerynj
I listed some hand painted candles on my website :) theres only a small batch so click the link in my bio to check them out! I had a lot of fun making these. These candles are decorative only and coated with a sealant that should not be burned
13 hour clock and dahlia made for Andrea half healed half fresh!