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Happy anniversary babe! Happy to be sharing this life and all of these adventures with you. You are the apple of my eye, you are my best friend and so much more. Thanks to the very talented @matiasezcurraphotography for capturing these moments on this special day for us.
Would you jump??
A song of ice and fire.. ...This was back in Florida, one of my favorite places. A easy drop for @johnnydeep110 for one of my favorite photos. .. Although the composition of this photo was first thought up by @liam__maclean - one of the best to ever do fresh water UW photography. All credit of fr...
Seize the day .This day was wild. Got to the wreck and the current was ripping. We tied a line and had a float at the surface. This allowed us to remain over the wreck until we were ready to dive. It was still a bit challenging but Johnny knocked out this 20m no fins dive with ease and looked com...
G E N T L E G I A N TIt was a privilege and an honor to share this moment with this gentle giant. For more than an hour he circled us and lay about on the surface. I think he was as curious about us as we were about him.#whale #humpbackwhale #humpback #conservation #sonyalpha #natgeoyourshot #na...
I N T E R L O P E R.@johnnydeep110 @mauceano @britadele .The Big Island has quite a few wonders to be discovered, if you can reveal them!..#underwater #underwaterphotographer #underwaterphotography #uwphoto #uwphotographer #uwphotography #freedive #freediver #freediving #australia #ocean #sealife...
This past week we had the opportunity to dive Ni'ihau, one of Hawaii's lesser known and least accessible islands. Aside from an abundance of marine life(we spotted eagle rays, manta rays, Hawaiian monk seals, dolphins and more within just a few minutes) it also had incredibly clear waters, repute...
Enjoying the fiery views from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano. Its amazing to think that the lush, tropical islands of Hawaii all started their lives like this. @meeschell @johnnydeep110#hawaii #volcano #hawaiiphotographer
Neck weights have always been a practical solution to improving our streamlining/centre of gravity whilst diving. This has mostly been achieved with DIY solutions if inner tubes and lead shot- until recently.Alchemy are the latest to release a manufactured neckweight-never before have I worn a ne...
C O N T E M P L A T I O N @meeschell #freediving #underwaterphotography #underwaterart #underwatermodel
That Friday feeling!@joancapdevila#freedivng #tgif #underwaterart
R E F L E C T I O N S@meeschell #freedivng #girlswhofreedive #reflections #underwaterphotography