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Falcon 9 launches the PACE mission to polar orbit for NASA at 1:33 a.m. ET this morning and its first stage returns to land at Cape Canaveral
Falcon 9 launches at 12:07pm ET today with a Cygnus resupply capsule to resupply the International Space Station the first launch of Cygnus aboard Falcon 9, and third overall launch vehicle family the spacecraft has flown on, following Antares and Atlas V. Team Space!
Falcon 9 is slated to launch a Cygnus spacecraft to the International Space Station at 12:07pm ET today for the NG-20 mission. This marks the first flight of Cygnus on a Falcon 9 and the third overall launch vehicle family for the vehicle after Antares and Atlas V.The new crew access tower for as...
Sunrise at Kennedy Space Center, Americas gateway to space. Falcon 9 is slated to launch from Cape Canaveral at 12:07pm ET with a Cygnus resupply vehicle headed to the International Space Station. The rockets first stage will land at LZ-1 back at the Cape a few minutes after launch.
Falcon 9 launches NG-20
Falcon 9 launches 23 Starlink satellites to orbit from Floridas Space Coast tonight
COVER PHOTO, NEW BOOK: REENTRY by Eric Berger, author of LIFTOFF.Im proud to share that one of my images of a Falcon Heavy side booster landing during the USSF-44 mission graces the cover of Eric Bergers second book, REENTRY, the highly-anticipated sequel to LIFTOFF, which detailed the origins of...
European astronauts on an American rocket from American soil access to space is expanding with every human spaceflight by SpaceX.The launch of Ax-3 today, flying on a 5x-flown rocket and 3x-flown Dragon, marked SpaceXs 12th time sending humans to orbit in under four years.
More shots: Falcon 9 launches Ax-3, SpaceXs 12th human spaceflight mission
Sometimes iffy weather makes for pretty launch photos. Glad teams threaded the needle today!Falcon 9, Dragon, and Ax-3 through the clouds. 12th human spaceflight for SpaceX in under four years.
The Ax-3 crew of Michael Lpez-Alegra, Walter Villadei, Alper Gezeravc, and Marcus Wandt has arrived at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for their 4:49pm ET launch on Falcon 9 and Dragon, headed to the International Space Station.
Falcon 9 and Dragon are slated to launch Ax-3 to the International Space Station on Thursday, January 18 with commander Michael Lpez-Alegra, pilot Walter Villadei, and mission specialists Alper Gezeravc and Marcus Wandt